SF Grand Piano Home tweeter upgrade

Just wondering if anyone has upgraded the tweeter to something like the Vifa Dual Ring X25 variant? With the 2.5 way design and Xover at 3K..seems like it may be a decent replacement, and cheap enought to try a t~$35 ea...I am wondering about fitment/model tweeter or if an L pad was needed or any other tweeter as a better upgrade..any thoughts appreciated.
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Kehut. if you happen to do it, please update as I too have SF Grand Home series floorstanding.
If you don't mind losing $70 or whatever difference you can't make up, then by all means give it a shot. Just don't drill new holes or make any irreversible changes otherwise as the new tweets will make your speakers virtually impossible to resell. Is this a common mod or have you heard/read of it being done by others? In general I think Elizabeth is right. The manufacturer puts forth a lot of effort to match drivers to the cabinet and crossover design and tweak and tune. This is why I shy away from trying DIY when it comes to speakers.
Thanks for the response Elizabeth. Yes, well aware of the pifalls and then some, which is why I need to hear from anyone who has actually done an upgrade...cheers
Suppose nobody has actually done what you're contemplating? Would you understand the message that sends? Then again, there's the thrill of performing without a net.
Hi Kehut,
You can certainly drop another tweeter in, but I would assume that a quality manufacturer like Sonus Faber would put a tweeter pad for the perfect blend as well as impedance and resonance compensation in their crossover network for the tweeter being used. It is highly unlikely that any compensation network would work well with any other model of tweeter, even from the same manufacturer.
It won't damage anything to try... Good Luck, Tim
oh sombody's done it im sure...maybe not on the forums much or at all to see my post...AG is less a hobbiest site than a few others..maybe someone will chime in. Im not married to the idea of definitely doing this..just a thought and wanting to ask if somone has been the road traveled. One thing is certain, the tweeter used in the GP homes is not up to snuff IMHO compared to some other designs at their price range or compared to the mid/bass drivers.
You're correct Kehut, AG is not really a DIY site. Perhaps you would be better served asking this question on one of those sites.
Pehaps somewhere like here.
I own these speakers for 8 years but would be reluctant to try.
Coherence with the 2 mid bass/mid range drivers is more important in voicing a speaker in my mind.
If the tweeter seems splashy, better resistors (Duelund graphite) and better capacitors (Obbligato gold) in the cross over + clean source, amplifier and better cables will tame the tweeter and smooth it out. It will still be lively and will add air (a good thing and part of the speaker's sound) but will not hiss at you or emphasize sibilance.
My two cents.
I have been rather satiesfied with my SFGPH (the second version) and compaired it with many speakers (Usher mini 1 and 2; Dali Helicon 800 and so on) and they have sounded better IMHO. I have also stabilized the clip-on interface of the tweeter with a few drops of UHU-glue. The tweeter seemd ok until one day I played agressive Chopan piano music rather loud (16-20 db on the amp). Then I heard a kind of buzz (that disappered for a while when I pressed the tweeter gently with my finger). Then I decided to stabilized it with the UHU-glue and it got much better.
The set-up is Shanling 80C 2x monobl. and REL sub / NAD M5 and AARON pre-amp.