SF fans, old Concerto or new Luito bookshelf ?

Hello all, i have a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto bookshelfs and i do love them, but ,, i have been offered the new SF Luito bookshelf speakers ,, so the question, seriously which is better ?? I asked the local dealer in Brisbane and he said Concerto. So i asked the guys at SF in Sydney and they said Luito.. Any inputs ?? The question is which would you think is the better front pair of sterio speakers ?? Also please note i also have the awsome cromona subwoofer M. So i have loads of depth. Which would you have

Any views ?? Cheers !!
It'd stick with the Concertos. The Liutos are pretty good, but they're a budget compromise version of what SF was doing in the '90s. The tweeters on some current models of high-end SFs have improved over the years, but overall I'd pick the Concerto as the better overall speaker. And yes, I've heard both.

What I heard in the Concerto is a very organic, natural balance. Supplemented with the Subwoofer Cremona M they should totally kick butt. By comparison I found the Liuto to be good for the money, reminiscent of the Cremona line, but lacking that last bit of refinement that really defines the brand.

I'd stick with the Concertos until you can afford (at least) some Cremona M Auditors. That would be an improvement in every way. Anything less is a tradeoff or a lateral move IMO.
Your a champion, thanks for your view ,, And that Sub does make all the difference, seems to allow the Concerto's to breath and the combo is amazing.

Cheers. !!
Agree with Johnnyb53 on the Concerto, either original or Home. I like the original a little better, but both are old school SF. If you like the Concerto and want to upgrade, I would consider the Cremona Auditor over the M Auditors. The M's are a little more "modern" with great detail but less of the sweetnesss of the original Auditors. Of course, the real upgrade for bookshelves is to the original Guarneri :)