SF Extremas

is the arc 100 mk111 enough to power these boats. also are the speakers too much for a general living/listening room that is 18ft by 25ft by 8ft high. thanks gary
As a previous and disappointed owner I would think your amp has enough power even though these speakers are notoriously demanding. But they are just not good speakers. I would have thought you could spend less and do much better with something like Merlin VSMs which use similar drivers and sound good. They just wont look as impressive.
need more power...at least 200 per channel into 8 ohms.
I owned the Extremas and really loved them for their rich, refined midrange, great dynamics and silky smooth and detailed top end. Very musical and involving speakers. The ARC 100 mkiii will drive them OK, but if you listen at higher levels (and that's what Extremas really like), you may find the dynamics somewhat compressed. To really open up they would need 150 - 200 good tube watts or even more if driven by solid state.
The Extrema is one of the best monitors ever made,
the drawback is that they require a lot of power.
I first used them with an Audio research vt200 and they sounded good,what a difference when i changed amplifiers
The Plinius SA250MKIV made them sing and had dynamics to die for.
thanks for all your help. guess ill look for another speaker. the power concerns me.
I used to own Extrema and Merlin VSM. No contest, Extrema is in a different league and VSM is not even close even with BAM, and I am not just talking about bass. Extrema was much more musical and less fatiguing even though they use the same tweeter (according to Dynaudio, there are 12 versions of Esotar 330).

No, VT-100 is not enough, nor will VT-200 be enough. In fact, I doubt any tube amp can do justice of the speakers. I powered them with SF Power 3 for most of the music, but had to run solid state (Pass or Rowland) on some. My recommendation is a good solid state, Pass or Plinius should do well depending on your taste.
Semi is correct. There is no way in history a 100 watt tube amp will be able to power the Extremas.
The Extremas need so much power. The only tube amps that can power them are the big Conrad Johnsons, Jadis or the Audio Valve tube amps.
You need amps like the Rowland 7 mono blocks.
When the Extremas have the power, they sound incredible. The best midrange I ever heard in my life.
That Skaaning midbase is unreal.
I tend to agree with Semi. if you do not have enough power to drive these babies, then you have not heard really good extrema yet.
its hard to believe extremas are so inefficient. does anybody know the sensitivity db.? and why do some people claim they can power them with 30watt set amps? thanks gary
you can power extremas with a small amp..but when you use an amp of 200w or more they become one of the great small speakers of all time.
I agree with Jrd351. If you want you can drive them with a 50 wpc integrated and they will sound good, but if you really want to hear how good the Extremas are, then high power is the only way to go. They have a relatively small internal volume, smallish drivers and they can do deep bass. Any box speaker with this combo will require gobs of power.
Eldo, what people claim you can power them with 30watt set amps?
That is impossible. There is no chance in history the Extremas can sound good on such lower powered amps.
doug99- i saw it on audioasylum(SET asylum)regarding a so called 211 amp. guy claims his friend drives the extremas with 27w/channel do to A2 class driving
Sonus Faber need power,that the bottom line...Mark Levisons,Pass X series,Jadis JA series,anything that sounds sugarly sweet with power.The Extremas are definitely not a warm sounding speaker,its more to the clincial side rather than the warm side,you need to match equipment carefully with theses speakers,very tempermental and can sound heavenly if properly matched,and could sound pure aweful with mismatched equipment.I notice the Meridian front end with the Jadis JA 200 amps sounds fantastic but those amps retail for $20000 us........
bmwhaus- well since they are a warm speaker should i concentrate on a ss amp. and would the plinius 250 suggested by gts87 be good. thanks
belles,bryston,classe,cj(ss),mac all drive the extremas quite nicely....i've even heard a less expensive b&k do a great job, though the bottom wasn't as rock solid as some of the others.