SF Elipsa vs Verity Audio Sarastro 2?

Is someone familiar with these 2 excellent speakers?
Differences in sound? Freferences? Why?

Thanks !
Interesting...hummmm. Any comments??? Someone must own either one of these great speakers???
Kind of stretch here as I have not compared these two speakers side-by-side. I own the Verity Parsifal Encore and a close friend has a pair of the Sarastro 2 that I listen to often. Another mutual friend was a big Sonus Faber fan, so we've heard several models including the Amati, Stradivari, and Guarnari Memento through his system until he moved overseas. I've also listened to the Elipsa several times at the RMAF.

To me, all the SF speakers have the characteristic of boomy mid-bass. By design, SF uses the cabinets to provide that resonance similar to wood instrucments like violin and cello. When you listen to instruments like violin & cello through the SF speakers, you can hear the texture of the instrument. And some people love that. But when listening to other type of music, it just sounded like the sound is somewhat colored. More romantic than they should be. And I suspect it's that artificial mid-bass boom. Of all these SF speakers, I felt the Elipsa is the least to exhibit this characteristic, but it is still there. To me, if I only listen to chamber music, I probably go with SF speakers and will be happy with it.

Verity speakers sounds more neutral and well-arounded to me. It may not have that wood texture on violin/cello, but sounded more extended at both ends, and handles bass much better. Less coloration. If you listen to more variety of music, this is probably a better choice. They do need power though. I had discussed with Verity and they told me that 50wpc would drive my Parsifals. I tried my Pass Aleph Os and it just doesn't have enough power to do so. I am using the Pass X350.5 to drive my Parsifals, and that combo sings.