SF Elipsa vs Elipsa se

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the older Elipsa with the newer SE model?
The older models are available for a discount now but not sure if the newer model is worth paying a lot more for.
Also, my room is quite narrow at 11ft and 22ft wide with a 7ft ceiling. But I have heard that the Elipsas work quite well in small rooms.
Any thoughts or experiences on this would be greatly appreciated.
I would also like to know.
I demo'd the Elipsa's. They were awesome.
I see that you can now purchase them new for about 11k.
I don't think you can go wrong.
That being said I purchased the Elipsa SE without listening to them.
I paid more for the upgraded tweeter from The Strad's and the finish is beautiful.
I am thinking and hoping this is my last speaker that I purchase so I spent he additional $$.
Thanks Pkelly!

Myself, I am looking at the Strads.
I wish I was looking at the Strad,s but they are out of my current budget.
The Elipsa SE's are great and I hope I can be satisfied for many years.
Another great feature of them is they look great in the living room. Like a piece of furniture.