SF Cremonas with BAT VK 75SE

May anyone share your opinions about this match namely whether the BAT VK 75SE may be underpower for the floorstanding SF Cremonas? If so, buying 2 BAT VK 75SE (it will work as a 150 amp system )would be the solution to enjoy all the potentialities of the SF Cremonas.

The entire Sonus Faber line is somewhat power hungry. Prior to spending on 2 vk-75se's, I think the VTL MB series of higher powered mono's would be money better spent IMHO.
Depends on your room size and how loud you want to play. I am mating my Amati with VK-75SE with great success, though I don't play super loud and don't mind the compromise in bass weight. I also own Cremona, a little more demanding on power amp than Amati but overall is still excellent.

75SE is the best amp I have heard on Amati, but I admit I haven't heard everything. I don't have the luxury to use 2 75SE due to heat, otherwise I would. VTL or ARC sounds veil in comparison, though they will go lower.

If you don't mind solid state, I will recommend Edge. Heard Amati with Edge G8, almost as good as tube.
Actually the entire Sonus Faber line is NOT power hungry. The Electa Amators and Extremas do require some power but the rest of the line is very easy to drive. The Cremonas are rated at 90dB Efficiency at 1watt 1meter just as my Grand Pianos are.

I use a Cary SLI-80 Signature (40WPC) and it drives the Grand Pianos more than well. The 75Se should power the speakers just fine and should actually be a pretty stellar match. Not to mention, smaller amplifiers SOUND BETTER.

Effeciency as in 90 db is only a small item, the big thing is impedence. How much does it fluctuate? It is different all accross the sound spectrum and some speakers are better then others at this being constant, whatever it is. If in the bass notes it is 2 and 4 in the highs, or a difference of 50% it can be a rough load for an amp. However, size of room, volume, music played all mean something as well. It is far easier to drive speakers then a lot of people think. I drive QUAD 988s with 50 wpc. A little more power will, I would think, drive them a bit more easily, but I never feel like I am missing something. The VK-75se is an excellent amp and, for my money, beats VTL hands down. If you want the definitive answer however, contact Victor at BAT and the speaker manufacturer. They can tell you more then we can.
I have a VK 75 driving the original SF Cremonas. I found the best sound from this combination is realised when you use the 8-16 ohm tap on the VK 75.The CRemona is rated at 4 ohms which makes this sound wrong but these speakers repond to this set up beautifully. In my experience, this is an excellent match