SF Cremona fixing advice

I've three cones of 3 woofers punched in by my 3 little sons. Does anyone have tried before to remove (unscrew) the woofers (this is what I have in mind to try to return the center cone to it's original shape, rounded i mean).
Thanks in advance for your comments.


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That is awful. I used to run an Audio Store and this sort of thing happened all the time. Okay, first go to Staples and get some Packing Tape (clear or brown). Cut off a 3" peice and roll it so you can put your finger through it. Gently press on the pushed in Dust Cones and let the tape stick to it and gently pull away. (You can pull the woofer to do this but you should not have to)

You will probably have to do this several times touching differnt areas. If this doesn't work, you can get a pin and pierce the dustcone carfully and use the tape and touch to work it to its regular shape. It is always better to used the pin as a last result because you will see the hole. (not from a distance but at close inspection)

Good luck!