SF Cremona Auditors - Recommend new Amp/CD

Greeting Agon!

Relatively new to the hobby, but after going to a Sumiko dealer, I came home with a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors, Primare CD31, Primare integrated I30, Rel B2 sub, Audioquest Volcano speaker cables and Cheetah Interconnect cables. Picked up 3 Shunyata Taipan Power chords to help system.

Obviously, this is a "Sumiko" sponsored system, and overall I'm happy with it, but I think the electronics can be improved.

Room is 14x14 with a ceiling that goes from 10 to 15 feet high with the speakers on the 10 foot side. The room is open to other parts of the house, so not completely closed off. DIY room treatments have been made, but improments are greatly needed in this area. Echo busters (bass traps, corner traps, and first reflections, rear reflections will be in the mix soon).

My musical preferences vary from rock to classical and jazz. Acoustic rock, live rock, even some spacy, ambient rock is the preference (Pink Floyd, Jack Johnson, Incubus, Thievery Corp, Beck). Powerful classical is fun, don't really enjoy the piano/violin solos, prefer a full orchestra pieces by Mendelssohn or Berlioz for example. Miles Davis or John Coltrane are also enjoyed. Female vocals are a favorite, Zero 7, Norah Jones, etc.


Primare is pretty good, but not very clean. Sound is "edgy" sometimes. Soundstage could be more refined and intimate. Enjoy the "warmth" but doesn't seem "real" enough.

Really enjoy the Sonus Faber sound, sound was real and soulfull at the dealer. So I think would like to stay with that Sonus Faber sound, but looking for a CD and integrated amp combo or even a Preamp and power amp recommendation.

Auditioned a Wilson Audio Sophia 2 with all VTL and really enjoyed the spacing (quickness), soundstage, power and realism of the system. The sound was extended but not bright or overbearing (bright and "in your face" is something I don't like). Obviously two different systems, but again, I'm new and still learning what I like and what I don't.

Thanks for the help!
try Naim CDX2 with mid level electronics[282 above] well regarded
Hi Mlauner,

Care to give a generalization of the sound signature when Naim is paired with Sonus Faber?

Thanks for the suggestion!
If you consider SS McCormack 225 you may as well pair it with a Conrad Johnson tube preamp (sister companies...). You can find a used Premier 17LS on AudiogoN for 2.5k, sweet sounding, good value for money. For the same price you may also look at the more recent CT6, although I have not auditioned this last one I would tend to think that it is more on the neutral side. One more alternative would be CJ tube preamp with CJ SS amp... as you said the possibilites are endless...
I use mine with a Pathos Classic One. Very good synergy! Mids and treble very clear and very real-life. For bass i dont know whether a more powerful amp could add anything but I really like this combo. Read also review at Stereophille where Sam Tellin tried this combo and found it nice.
Thanks again for the suggestions. Dzervas, I have a Rel B2 sub integrated into the system, so that should help somewhat if I were to elect Pathos (cool looking hybrid!)

I will try to find dealers for Naim, CJ, Pathos, VTL, Accuphase, Plinius and YBA. I am familiar with Mcintosh, but will try to audition their integrated. When I have done more listening I will report back.

Does anyone have a direct comparison between Primare and any of these brands? That would be the most helpful to me now. Comments like "Primare sounds like this, Brand X sounds like this, and going from Primare to Brand X should yeild you these results with the Cremona Auditors"...