SF Cremona Auditor M vs Harbeth 30.1

Anyone have any experience with these two speakers and which they like better and how they differ?
I own the SF Auditor M and have been auditioning the M30.1/2. Unfortunately, they are much more similar than I would have thought. After the trial, I thought for sure I would swap, but a day later, I was happy to keep the SF. Both disappeared very well. The SF are a touch warmer and the Harbeths have a bit more drive, which is what I wanted but it’s not worth the swap once I put on some slow blues. I don’t think you could go wrong, but I just don’t want or feel the need to try anything else. I run a VAC integrated and a REL sub in a 12 x 15 room. 
Thanks for your response! It's interesting because I went ahead and purchased the SFs and did the same comparison and had pretty much the same experience..... except the Harbeths won out in end. I think ultimately that's because in my situation the speakers are placed in the middle of a room and the SFs benefit from being closer to a back wall.
I have had my Cremona Auditor Ms for 8 yrs now and have tried to move on to another speaker but can't seem to better them in the sub $8K range.  I had a pair of Harbeth P2ESR in my work office setup nad was very pleased with their performance.  I went to listen to the 30.2 and Super 5 but could not justify the difference after trade-in.