SF Cremona Auditor M as good as Guarneri Memento?

That's a bold statement, but I've read that the Auditor M is sonically very close to the Memento. Any merits to this?

Has anyone heard and compared both? If so, how close - or, how far - are they really?

I have a new pair of Auditor M and can't find any weakness in them. Maybe the lowest bass note is missing but I won't go crazy looking for that octave.


I have a pair of Mementos and love them . . . . but I recently listened at length to a pair of Auditor M's at a dealer in Chicago (Pro Musica) and was mightily impressed. This dealer was driving the speakers with Naim electronics and the imaging and sound was incredible. When a male vocalist began to sing, I actually looked up, hoping to see him in the room with me - the speakers sounded so real!

With the dealer's setup, in the dealer's room, with his electronics, I thought "WOW", I've got to go home and see if I can make my Mementos sound this good. (I have since worked on my own setup and think I have succeeded) - but what I am trying to convey is that the Auditors sounded THAT GOOD.
I have not heard the Auditors in my room to compare, but the Guarneris are hard to beat in small/medium sized rooms, they are trully magical.
yes they are small but mighty cuties. I'm enjoying them in my bedroom system and couldnt be happier-warm,smooth and airy, and never agressive. If to be very critic they are not the most detialed in mids and have litle excess in very top octave which makes some records sounds more airy than it is. in clasical works its a bonus, in vocals it may sound too airy sometimes.. but I still love theese cuties..
I have owned both in the same room and system. The Auditor M's were terrific, but the Memento's are in another league entirely. I could never go back to the Auditor M's now. The Memento's are just so much better.