SF can't repair Pre/pro What to do?

I have an Anthem AVM2 that is about 20 months old. Three months ago, it stopped working. Sent it back to Sonic Frontiers for repair under warranty. They had if for about 6 weeks and when I got it back it was dead out of the box. And, the faceplate and top cover were scratched. I sent it back to SF for repair again, after much arguing, about 6 weeks ago. So, I go to my local dealer to pick it up this afternoon, and what's the first thing we noticed? They had agreed to replace the faceplate and top cover because they damaged it. Well, needless to say, the faceplate was not replaced, and it looks like they let a 2 year old repaint the top cover. The volume control is not working, and the unit keeps going into protection.

So, my question is what are me legal options. They have had the unit for more then 20 days on the shop floor, so can I sue under the lemon law? In addition, they sent me a repair order stating that the top cover and faceplate had been replaced. But, they were not replace, so is this considered consumer fraud? Can I sue for triple damages because of consumer fraud. Do I sue the distributer, Audiostream in Buffulo NY, or do I sue Sonit Frontiers directly(located in Canada)?

I'm really frustrated, and I feel betrayed because I have been mistreated and lied to by a supposed "High End Company". Any suggestions or legal advice would be greatly appriceated. I'm going to contact an attorney on Monday, but I'm climbing the walls and need to do something right know less I explode.

Sorry to hear such a bad story, hope you can get SF to make it right. What did the SF dealer have to say about this? Does not make me want to ever deal with this company when I hear a story like yours.

I originally purchased the unit while on vacation in Washington state. I have been dealing with a local dealer in New Jersey. Sonic Frontiers policy is that they do not deal with customers directly; you must go through your local dealer for customer service. I don't agree with this policy for two reasons. First, if I have a problem or a question I like to pickup the phone and call the manufacturer and get the answer straight from the horses mouth. Second, I don't think it's fair to put the burdon of customer service on the dealers. This is just a thinly discised way of saving money on customer service. It's a pain to two step tech questions also. When your paying this kind of money you should get a little support.

I have putchased a Sunfire Theater Grande IIMkII to tied me over until I decide what to do about the AVM2. I was going to purchase a AVM20, but after this nightmare I will never purchase or recommend another SF product.

I am also sorry to hear about your problem, but there is a small glimmer of "good news" here. I live in Seattle, and Washington state has a fairly strong "lemon law", as well as an aggressive program through the Attorney General's office to make dealerships back their products.

I would be glad to help you out (no charge) if that's helpful. Send me a personal E-mail, and I will send you my home phone number so we can talk. I belong to the Pacific NW Audio Society, and our membership is pretty well connected with local high-end dealers. If you'll provide me with the name of the dealer I'll be glad to ask other members of the club to use their influence to help in getting your problem resolved.


Scott C-
I'm surprised at your situation. SF has always gone above an d beyond for me. Mind you this was with SF gear not Anthem - aren't they one and the same? I always get replies at tech support so maybe they can get you the proper person who can resolve this in minutes. I've listed the contacts I've used.

FAX 905) 564-4642 Attn: Technical Support
E-Mail: sfitech@sonicfrontiers.com
905) 362-0958 Technical Support ext.240

205 Annagem Blvd.,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5T 2V1
Attn: Technical Support
Sounds like Scott has you pretty well taken care of, but I thought I'd toss in my $.02. I have had to send a piece of SF gear in for repair twice (2 different issues) and this was a SF piece, not Anthem. Anyway, the first time I sent my piece in was through my dealer, however the second was not. I emailed them directly and was given an RMA number and instructions on where to ship the unit. I am curious who told you you must go through your dealer. I'd hate to drag anyone's name through the mud in this public forum without giving them the opportunity to have a voice, but I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my dealings with SF/Anthem. Its a shame this has happened, Anthem makes nice stuff, but bad customer service can really hurt them.

Paradigm recently purchased Anthem...I wonder if that has helped or hurt Anthem's customer service.

Good luck, and if you haven't already, maybe a phone call to them can clear the matter up with without much more frustration.

Scott c-

I have not even contacted the dealer, in Washington, where I purchased the unit because I live in New Jersey. I've been dealing with my local dealer who has been kind enough to help me even though he did not sell me the unit. I appreciate the offer of help.

Matt -

Anne, the director of customer service at Audiostream, told me that SF does not deal directly with customers and all communications must go through an authorized SF/Anthem dealer. I've run up over $150.00 in telephone charges to both SF/Anthem and Audiostream, the US distributor, trying to resolve this issue.


SF/Anthem are the same company. Anthem is their solid state stuff. Audiostream/Paradigm purchased the company a few years back and has since consolidated a lot of the operations under one roof. Sonic Frontiers/Anthem now consists of only two employees: Frank and Nick.

Thanks again,
I have always dealt with a gentleman named Frank P. from SF/Anthem. I got hooked up with him simply by emailing their customer support. He also was responsible for sending me some extra fuses (free of charge)for my Anthem amp since that type had been discontinued.

Maybe Frank can straighten this mess out for you. Good luck, and keep us posted on the outcome.

If you get real frustrated, print this thread and send it to whomever you are talking too.
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