SF Auditors or Mcintosh Amp?

I've got an audio buddy in the neighborhood with SF Cremona driven by Mcintosh C220 and MC275. His system has the musical yet pleasingly detailed sound I've been looking for. Really great with female and male vocals / blues / jazz / and the occasional orchestral piece.

I don't believe my room will accomodate the Cremona (13 wide x 19 deep x 8 high, back of room opening to stairwell, and listener 9ft from speakers set 8ft apart) but was thinking that Auditors would work well with sub (ACI Titan).

Current system: ACI Panorama monitors highpassed at 85HZ - Modwright SWL 9.0 w/mullard 5ar4 rectifier - Odyssey Mono Extremes - Titan Sub lowpassed at 85 HZ - Meridian G08.

Clean, dynamic sound with very good imaging and soundstage which I've been pleased with for several years. However, for me the SF + Mc synergy has a pleasure factor worth pursuing.

To maximize WAF, I only get one purchase a year. Would I be better off first buying the SF Auditors or Mcintosh amp (MC275 / MC252 / MC402) to make the biggest jump to the sound I'm trying to get?
I would think

1) changing your speakers, and even more significantly
2) whether or not you will continue to use the subwoofer,

will make a more profound change to your system than buying the Mcintosh amp.

I have less of a view as to which scenario would constitute an "upgrade".

Good luck.
the auditors for sure.
Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, if you liked the mc275 and c220 then go for the MA2275 Mcintosh integrated. Shave a year off your goal.
I agree that you should listen to the McIntosh MA2275 2-Channel Stereo Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier and also their brand new McIntosh MA7000 Integrated amp (250 watts per channel).
Thanks for the ideas on the integrated amps. The tube amp if the Auditors will work with 75w/c and the ma7000 beast if the Auditors sing best with more juice!

Restating the original question a little differently...

Which component switch promises the greatest jump in performance?

(1) Jump from ACI monitor to SF Auditor monitor, or
(2) Jump from Odyssey Mono Amps to Mcintosh Stereo Amp, or
(3) Sorry, its all about the synergy

Thanks again for all the comments!
the sf's for sure. the mac will drive them too.
I picked up the SF Auditors today! Any ideas on toe-in and rake (or other set up ideas)?

My initial impression is "how does such a big sound come from such small speakers?"

Thanks again!
enjoy....slight toe in