SF amati and SET amplifiers?

Does someone listened SF amati with SET amplifiers, or is better with push pull like BAT vk75se, audio aero 50watts or another PP amplifier? besides 92 db sensitivity someone said the impedance curve sometime arrives 2,5ohms .
I'm listening right now using Air tight 211 w/ a Shindo Monbrison pre-amp and I also have a PP Nagra Vpa w/KR tubes
both sounds great IMHO
I'm using the DeHavilland GM70 (50 W SET) and they have plenty of power for my room (about 14x32x8 feet). I have not tried other amps, so I'm also curious if something like the BAT might work better (there was some discussion on another thread about the theory of using SET amps with a multi-driver speaker - some argued that it makes more sense to use SET amps with single driver speakers). I'm very happy with the GM70 and yet also very curious if it could be improved upon with different amps.
Hi Junvel
I am planning to use airtight 211 for my sonus faber stradivari. Can the 211 drive the sonus and is the sound 3 dimensional at the same time bass can be driven by the single ended tube.