Sexiest Speakers

My choice for sexiest speaker ever is the

dc10audio Berlin R!

One word to describe the Berlin R is... Sexy!

The Berlins turned wooden horns absolutely steal the show every time! Everyone that sees them spends all their time talking about the speakers (and touching them) while ignoring the rest of my system!
As for the sound all I'll say is get to a dealer and listen for yourself they are the most dynamic and accurate loudspeakers I've owned and the only semi-small speaker that I've owned that play huge deep bass.
Good grief...this nonsense again. Let's see, Reel-to-Reel and Guf both gushing about the speakers, and posting since...oh never. This is the first posting for both. I feel bad for this company, because this same guy keeps creating accounts and saying ridiculous things about them. I'm sure they are good speakers, but this guy is seriously doing them a disservice.

Just stop.
Dear Manoterror,

What the heck are you talking about?

I've Been watching the posts on Audiogon for over a year now and the minute someone post about their dc10 purchase or anything else dc10 they get jumped by trolls like you.

What are you so afraid of? Is dc10 that superior to your brand? Get real, post something real, or get lost!
When posts come across like advertisements they usually elicit some demurring replies. Glad you're happy with your your system though.

To Reynolds853,

Thank you!
I posted my feelings and gushed a bit but left the forum open for others to post which speakers they loved too: instead I was met with critique and paranoia.