Sexiest Speakers

My choice for sexiest speaker ever is the

dc10audio Berlin R!

One word to describe the Berlin R is... Sexy!

The Berlins turned wooden horns absolutely steal the show every time! Everyone that sees them spends all their time talking about the speakers (and touching them) while ignoring the rest of my system!
As for the sound all I'll say is get to a dealer and listen for yourself they are the most dynamic and accurate loudspeakers I've owned and the only semi-small speaker that I've owned that play huge deep bass.
+1 Drubin....pretty obvious shill isn't it?

It did make me look them up though....let's just say beauty is definitely in the eye to the beholder here. I don't find them attractive in the least, let alone....Sexy!! LOL! To each their own.
Berlin is sexy but the Living Voice Vox Olympian is the sexiest speaker ever made it's too bad one cannot live in them.

The big JBL of the 1960's second.

To me.

I'm nervous to post here being my first post and all...because researching these speakers i realized there is nothing negative comments all over this website. What i have learned in my short time being in this hobby is don't always believe what you here on the internet....and a lot of the information and opinions don't work for me.

Any ways i just got a pair of these. I love them. After reading all the hater's posts i was pleasantly surprised how much i liked them. It is the most excited i have been about a new piece of audio equipment since i started. i have been through a number a boutique speakers (mostly the same brand) all your standard box speakers. and these are by far way more sexy than those. I am blown away by the sound...i would admit it took me a little bit to get used too but i truly think they are special. now you guys probably think i'm mt high too. well i'm not and you should be able to see posts from guf on other sites. happy to demo in in san francisco if any one is up for it? open to answer any questions if anyone cares to hear an opposing opinion.
i have been rotating a few different amps during the break in process. A diy kt88, a pass xa30.5 and x150.5 i have a shindo pre. and lampizator dac.