Sexiest Speakers

My choice for sexiest speaker ever is the

dc10audio Berlin R!

One word to describe the Berlin R is... Sexy!

The Berlins turned wooden horns absolutely steal the show every time! Everyone that sees them spends all their time talking about the speakers (and touching them) while ignoring the rest of my system!
As for the sound all I'll say is get to a dealer and listen for yourself they are the most dynamic and accurate loudspeakers I've owned and the only semi-small speaker that I've owned that play huge deep bass.
Were you paid to post this?
There is something seriously wrong with one who thinks speakers are sexy !!!!!! :)
+1 Drubin....pretty obvious shill isn't it?

It did make me look them up though....let's just say beauty is definitely in the eye to the beholder here. I don't find them attractive in the least, let alone....Sexy!! LOL! To each their own.
Honestly my Beauhorn Virtouso speakers have a much sexier look to me and I certainly would not vote them the sexiest by a long shot.
They remind me of the maid on "McMillan & Wife", but each to their own.
Get a room
My totally unbiased opinion :-)


Oh wait - I do make them :-) Inspiration taken from one of the prettiest shapes known to man.

Good Listening

Don't suppose this is Mountain-high posting under a new user name, do you?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You see beauty...I see a dorky unbalanced design.

To each his own
I would like to hear more... I love sexy
And now, a word from our sponsor.

This is a misuse of the "Forum." Just pay for an ad!
Berlin is sexy but the Living Voice Vox Olympian is the sexiest speaker ever made it's too bad one cannot live in them.

The big JBL of the 1960's second.

To me.

I'm nervous to post here being my first post and all...because researching these speakers i realized there is nothing negative comments all over this website. What i have learned in my short time being in this hobby is don't always believe what you here on the internet....and a lot of the information and opinions don't work for me.

Any ways i just got a pair of these. I love them. After reading all the hater's posts i was pleasantly surprised how much i liked them. It is the most excited i have been about a new piece of audio equipment since i started. i have been through a number a boutique speakers (mostly the same brand) all your standard box speakers. and these are by far way more sexy than those. I am blown away by the sound...i would admit it took me a little bit to get used too but i truly think they are special. now you guys probably think i'm mt high too. well i'm not and you should be able to see posts from guf on other sites. happy to demo in in san francisco if any one is up for it? open to answer any questions if anyone cares to hear an opposing opinion.
i have been rotating a few different amps during the break in process. A diy kt88, a pass xa30.5 and x150.5 i have a shindo pre. and lampizator dac.
I don't what about that speaker that makes you think of sex, I'm not sure if I'm more sorry for you or your wife.
"I don't what about that speaker that makes you think of sex"
.... i guess i better learn how to carefully proofread before sending...can i not edit my post? the only thing worse than my typing is my spelling.

*realized there is nothing BUT comments
I used to think Sarah Palin was kinda of hot speaker, until she spoke...
Sexiest MAGICO MINI 2 best sounding MAGICO Q3.
Not paid wish I were! The Berlins are sexy and my wife approves for once! Not an MFD box for once!!
I do think the dc10audio Berlin Rs are eye catching. SOmething a little different. Would like to hear to judge.
@ Ozzy, I got a good laugh at reading your post,understand what you are saying, I agree!
Really? Why because it's not the brand you're pumping?
If you can't post a picture what's the point, DC0517 has got it right
Let me check that out again
Good grief...this nonsense again. Let's see, Reel-to-Reel and Guf both gushing about the speakers, and posting since...oh never. This is the first posting for both. I feel bad for this company, because this same guy keeps creating accounts and saying ridiculous things about them. I'm sure they are good speakers, but this guy is seriously doing them a disservice.

Just stop.
Dear Manoterror,

What the heck are you talking about?

I've Been watching the posts on Audiogon for over a year now and the minute someone post about their dc10 purchase or anything else dc10 they get jumped by trolls like you.

What are you so afraid of? Is dc10 that superior to your brand? Get real, post something real, or get lost!
LOL. Oh trolls.
When posts come across like advertisements they usually elicit some demurring replies. Glad you're happy with your your system though.

To Reynolds853,

Thank you!
I posted my feelings and gushed a bit but left the forum open for others to post which speakers they loved too: instead I was met with critique and paranoia.
"sexiest speakers" & "gushed" (quoting you on both accounts) are more than a bit off-putting coming from the same poster in the same thread, IMO.

You should have quit when you were less behind (same for Guff).

Is it appropriate for me to say Bite Me?

Nice guy is this your post on the Merlin thread?
You've no class.

01-08-14: Dekay
Thanks, I needed a good puke.
Dekay (System | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

yet another winning post from you:

11-06-00: Dekay
Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Reference's or better yet the Solo's. Round metal spheres on angular tubular stands. I am usually not fond of using industrial style inside my home but feel that these would be an exception. You can view these discontinued speakers at and they are usually for sale on the used market. They also sound very nice with good equipment.

I guess you are not an audiophile as those speakers sound like crapola I've owned them and they are stupid bad.
Perhaps, but @ least I'm much lower on the Totem Pole than than an Internet shill.

I suppose you're right i guess with enough weed and you can be a little paranoid. Hard to believe someone would spend over 2K on speakers isn't it bud.

I guess you would know a shill being that it seems that's what you are a paid shill. This must inform your keen vision.

06-19-01: Dekay
I don't own a pair, but am jealous as they are truly visual works of art and must look super in your room. You might check what caps are used in your crossovers and try to reach Gary Gallo to see if he has any other recommendations based on your system. I know that he used to do this, anyway. Gallo also has a new budget speaker that is coming out later this or early next year. Read about it somewhere, but cannot remember the source. What is the rest of your system?

What did Gary pay you? Was it a pair of nucleus "refernce" orbs? Or are you Gallo himself??? puff puff puff
Not your bud.

Keep posting though, before you reinvent yourself again.
OK puff, puff, puff, How are them orbs treating you?
I'll stop now as to not lead you on (appears that you are just about ready to "gush" again).
yeah was my first and second post. i use a less outdated forum more regularly. you can't even post photos here?! WTH?!

Which wood combo do you have? Mine are American walnut with maple horns and matching maple phase plugs! Took a week + to break in the tweeter was a little stiff at first but really mellowed out!
a little stiff at first but really mellowed out!
Sorry to hear that.

No, but seriously, you're a great straight man. (Oops, I did it again!)

That's funny.. stiff, sexy, break in hmmmm??? Sounds like college!
It's Sara Palin.
Sara Palin ... until she said that Africa was her favorite county.
I don't know about you guys but when somebody thinks a speaker is sexy I think they have a little to many of a certain hormone. I hope this stops at speakers. If not I am sure it will go to talking about sexy vacuums, dogs and phones. Boring!
My taste runs more to the slat-constructed Sonus Faber floorstanders such as the Sonus Faber Aida. I also like the Amati Futura, the Cremona Elipsa and the now-discontinued Cremona M.

First choice for color, violin red followed by maple.
I've never ucked any loudspeaker for sure!

As usual with most threads, different answers and opinions, however, THIS is absolutely the "sexiest speaker ever".

I want to &%@!! that speaker for sure!!
I am very surprised that someone hasn't mentioned Ohm as the sexiest speaker. Shocked actually. Not my 100th choice either.