Sexiest Pop Song Ever?

What do you think is the sexiest pop song ever (not classical, jazz etc.)? I'm a guy, so I'm pretty much scanning through the portfolio of female pop music over the last 40 years or so. I can point to some sexy Kate Bush tunes (Wuthering Heights), Joni Mitchell (take your pick), some good stuff from the female singers of Zero Seven, Carly Simon, Christine McVie, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross et. al.

For me the song that gets my testostaroni going is "Sarah" by Stevie Nicks, off the Tusk album. The opening keyboards and her angelic voice do it for me like no other. When she sings the line about "undoing the laces", well it doesn't get any sexier to me. A truly great song.

Now what's yours?
Look of Love, by Claudia Longet.
I was just listening to Mellisa Ethridge's 'Like The Way I Do' last night and thinking 'damn, that would really be sexy.....if she was singing it to a man'. :(
So that's out.

I guess I'll say either I Touch Myself by The Divinyls or Let Me Put My Love Into You by AC/DC. :)
serge gainsbourg and jane birkin.......'je t'aime(1969)....they still will not play this on many oldies stations, even though it was #1 over most the world. nothing comes close......Jane Birkin still records good records and looks incredible.
The Divinyls tune came in a close second. Doh! ;-P
I second the Divinyls song and add Cream by Prince.
Don't know if it's the sexiest ever but try Lucinda Williams' Right In Time:

"I take off my watch and my earrings
My bracelets and everything
Lie on my back and moan at the ceiling
Ooh, my baby
Think about you and that long ride
I bite my nails, I get weak inside
Reach over and turn off the light
Ooh, my baby...."

All sung in an appropriately breathy, sexy voice.
Fever redone by Rita Coolidge
Change My Mind by The Motels. Martha Davis missed her calling as a torch singer but definitely hits the female sexuality mark here.
Kylie Minogue singing Santa Baby along with many other songs from her
"Sugar Walls"
Sheena Easton
Sookie Sookie by Steppenwolf, the grinding organ the vocals are raw and primitive in a sexual sort of way I mean what else would you expect John Kay to sound like.
Oh yeah the line that got through to the listeners in the know. He's starts singing suck me suck me suck me suck me suck me suck me Sue toward the end of the song not Sookie Sookie Sookie Sookie Sookie Sookie Sue. Also when you add into the mix that it was dropped on the young in the summer of 67 at a time when drugs were flowing among the young and the librial bent who were trying to change the direction our country in regards to Vietnam that makes it a very memorable song.
Woman love Chris Isaak Wicked Games, they all want to be like the girl in the video(can't say I blame them).
How about Donna Summer's full version of "Love to Love you Baby"?!?!

From Wikipedia:
The title song was controversial in that it allegedly contained over 20 simulated orgasms by Summer. The actual number of "orgasms" is unclear, but the BBC estimate was 23, while Time magazine counted 22.

I do remember as a teenager that one would certainly get a rise out of me.

i second the look of love,dusty or diana kralls versions is pretty good,havent heard claudia longets version,back in the day midnight at the oasis was the song,or am i just old?probably.
How about "Unbreak My Heart" By Tony Braxton?????
Warwick singing Alfie
Help Me - Joni Mitchell, from Court and Spark
Anything by Ana Caram
Without doubt the sexiest song EVER is "You suck" by the Yeastie Girls. Probably not a song goners' would have in their collections though.
How about the female group Klymaxx doing the song "Sexy".
Pillow Talk
Almost anything from Sade
Let's Get it On - Marvin

tons of others
Push It - Salt N' Pepa

Define sexy? Ahhhh, I each his own ain't it?
I was thinking "Love to Love You Baby" as well, as the song came through my head today and I thought to myself how good it is (for what it is).

As for Gainsbourg and Birken, too bad Jane didn't pass her secrets to Anita Palenberg -- anybody who survived Gainsbourg should have bottled it and sold it.

Piano in the dark, Brenda Russel
Pleasure Victim, Berlin
Father Figure George Michael
Book of love tubular bells/Pretty boys and Pretty Girls (Sensual Mix)
Enigma Gravity of love, Return to innocence, Principles of Lust
Bob Seger Night moves

Overtly sexual

Prince Darling Nikki, Red Corvette
Berlin Sex I'm A.
Dead or Alive What I want what I need
Duran Duran Skin trade
Depeche Mode, Rush, Master and Servent,
"Poetry Man" - Phoebe Snow

Comfort food for your, uh, ears...
Throb - Janet Jackson

off the "Janet" album
"Brick House" by the Commodores and "Skin Tight" by the Ohio Players. Also several songs by Barry White.
"Essence" by Lucinda Williams
I'll second the anything by Sade suggestion. Wow, what a voice!!
Donna Summer references sure bring back memories. She WAS sexy. The Divinyls song was trashy and borderline porny, and particularly sexy, IMHO.

Several good ones have been mentioned. Back in the day, one that got a lot of time was "Midnight at the Oasis" by Maria Muldaur. As far as men, look no further than the Marvin Gaye or Luther Vandross discography! At least that's what most of my girlfriends used to say ;-)
Jane Birkin, "I Love You", by a long shot.
Maria Muldaur, "Midnight at the Oasis." One of the sexiest voices EVER. Put your camel to bed . . . . :)
Hooper's Maria Muldaur reminded me of her "Don't you make me high" don't you feel my leg song. Which is another great "sexy" song sung by a woman
Male: Even if my heart would break - Aaron Neville
Female: Anything by Eartha Kitt
Prince's "Sexy M*tha F*cka" comes to mind.....
"Afternoon Delight" - The Starland Vocal band
Oh my, this is the second time I've mentioned this song in the forum. But you asked :) Once In A Lifetime, on Sarah Brightman's Dive CD. I can't imagine her singing those lyrics without blushing.
No one has mentioned "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates, you've got a brand new key" or Joe Cocker's "You can leave your hat on".

Maybe more suggestive than sexy, but worth a mention.
Your making me high by Toni Braxton. Actually whole "Secrets" album is sexy.
Brenda Lee's Fever!
Martykl, the whole 9 1/2 weeks soundtrack could qualify
"Make Love" by Carmen Lundy. Make love, all day and all night. A love song from a mature and sexy woman.
I'll second "Fever", but the one I'm thinking of is by Peggy Lee. Also, I just Don't Understand by Ann Margret is up there too!!
'Love to Love you baby" By Donna Summer? Lots of sexy oooh and aahs.....

Written by Norman Gimbel and Pablo Beltran Ruiz
Sung by Anita Kelsey
From the movie "Dark City"

Watching Jennifer Connelly lipsink to that song.....
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Jennifer Connelly!


Sara McLaughlin's "Possession" on the "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" album.

Kate Bush - "The Man with the Child in his Eyes" from "The Kick Inside" album.
Er... the song by Carmen Lundy is called "All Day, All Night".
OMG...I have watched this thread for several days...such lame suggestions...pop just ain't the medium for this, IMHO, I mean come on ...."My baby takes the morning train", Sheena Easton , "Heart of Glass" or "Rapture" by Blondie or "Zig A Zig ahhhh" by the Spice girls or "China Girl" by Bowie just doesn't cut it...

The sexy genres are ROCK and blues and possibly punk (Nina Hagen);

My vote is for;
Pink - Aerosmith
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - ACDC
Honky Tonk Woman - Rolling Stones

I don't mean to highjack the thread but pop is well, just in Hey Big Spender "I don't pop my cork for every man I see...." kinda lame if you get what I mean...
I think it's called "he made a woman outta me" off the Crossroads (Ry Cooder) soundtrack.
I like Prince "Do Me Baby", George Michael "I Want Your Sex" and Rick James "Give It To Me Baby" and "Super Freak"

Not pop but r&b Betty Wright"Tonight's The Night" the live version of that song. Some of the words go something like this " tonight is the night you make me a woman, you said you'll be gentle with me and I hope you will, i'm nervous, i'm trembling waiting for you to walk through the door".
Um... (red face) make that Peggy Lee's Fever, thanks Madhf!