Setups for velodyne dd-xx

Anyone have any special in depth setups... ? There are so many things to tweak. I am not sure what everything does. I have looked online and only found the normal(volume, band pass, eq) stuff. Anyone?

I use the Velo SMS-1 sub controller, which I understand is the same as the controller in your DD sub. I can offer one time saving hint first:

If you see a suckout near the crossover point, flip the polarity. This has a much more dramatic effect than anything else, including inverting the phase by 180 degrees. Don't touch "phase" till you've tried both polarity positions.

My protocol:

1) Set x-over point and adjust slopes for best match to main speakers (flattest output on monitor near x-over point).
3) Set volume level for closest match near the crossover.
4) Check effect of reversing polarity
4) Set EQ to "auto" to get in the ballpark
5) Set EQ to "Parametric" and fix specific problems by shifting "underused" bands (those sliders near the +0 point) to problem areas.

Tweak away - eventually you'll get great results.

Good Luck

I hope you enjoy the creative numbering scheme I used for the steps in my protocol - sorry, it was a TYOP.