Setup Speakers Along Long Wall?

Just moved into new house and was gifted by my wife a 121/2’x23’ room with 7’-101/2’ sloping ceilings. I’ve been putting together a system, which so far consists of Technics 1200G/Hana ML, Sutherland 20/20 LPS, Audioquest interconnect/speaker cables, i7Roon Core NUC, iFi Zen Streamer and Shunata power cables and conditioner.

Unfortunately, every turntable position other than against the wall 7’ in front of speakers results in horrible cartridge bass/room interaction. Against the wall either requires 15’ speaker cables, or a balanced phono preamp and 12’ balanced interconnects.

So, here is my two part question. Better long interconnects, or speaker cables?

Second question. What downside is there to placing my listening position against the long wall? Currently, 7’ from short wall.


In my last home, I used the long wall and ran the speaker cables under the floor. I’m a firm believer in not going long with interconnects, unless you are using XLR. And then only if there is no other choice. 
I did notice the lack of sidewall reflection and I grew to like it.

All the best.


Nice system. A great looking room.

Looking at your system my guess is the subwoofers are overloading the room with bass. I assume with the subs turned off you do not have the problem with the turntable? I would start here. 

I am fortunate to have a large room. As @curiousjim points out, having wide spaces on both sides of the speakers can be good. You’ll probably need to heavily dampen  the front and  rear walls and the ceiling. It is worth a try… but I would first figure out how to stop the feedback. 

I’ll give it some more thought. I am sure with the additional info you supplied, there will be some folks that will have helpful suggestions.



If it were me in that space, I'd still try and utilize a short wall setup. It's a nice looking room with nice gear. I would first try a wall shelf to the side of the window for the TT, as it would be behind the speakers and possibly help with isolation from the floor, which is obviously suspended. If that still proved troublesome I'd look into isolation tables, to put on the wall shelf under the tt, from basic passive units, to high dollar active. Additionally, I'd really limit the subwoofer setting, place them outboard the speaker stands for space, and move the rest of the equipment low against the wall under the window. I see you've got some treatments, which is a good thing, many people overlook this crucial detail. I'd hazard to guess the interactions with the turntable are from the floor and not airborne, but I could be wrong there. You'll just have to try Jenga a bit moving stuff around to get the best compromise. 

I don't have cartridge feedback with turntable located as in picture.  I talked to the Wilson people and they prefer the speaker location as is, so I'm looking for a preamp with balanced out and 3 meter XLR interconnects.  My dealer suggested Whest, or Rega Aura and Wilson dealer suggested baby Boulder.  More bass traps on the way.