setup pro-ject debut carbon

I set up my debut carbon turntable according to instruction but when I lower thr tonearm onto the record with the lift the tonearm shifts outward as it decends. What causes this to occur? thanks
check that the anti skate weight is set correctly
Two things can possibly cause this:
1. Make sure the table is level
2. Check your anti-skating adjustment
antti skate is too high
Thanks for the replys, I have already checked and the level is ok, but will recheck the anti-skating.
did you get everything going? how does the table sound?
yes I did get the turntable going, The anti-skating was set right, but the tracking force was set wrong. I saw a setup video for the pro-ject on youtube and saw the mistake I made and redid it. The table now sounds great. Thank for all the help