setup for one source, two zones?

TIA for any advice. I have bought and sold gear here over many years but not much recently. However I am moving locations next year and trying to think (not always my strong suit) how to setup a decent yet "budget friendly" system where I can use two different set of quality speakers in one setup. One setup is by the TV and another for general listening. They will not be played at the same time. I thought maybe I'd get get a 4/5 channel amp (plus pre-amp) and be set. Then I realized I'd need a special A/V type preamp to run two seperate zones. I do not want a big HT receiver with poor electronics, DACs and amps etc. I have a Wyred4audio pre amp STP-SE that I quite like but am not wedded to anything as I always like solid gear and have a nice place for that elsewhere as needed. 

I realized in the past that I have had amps with A/B switches and maybe I should look for that? Maybe an old APT Holman pre-amp had that too. Maybe there is a decent (under 1k) preamp that can handle this and be of good quality?  I've seen an integrated amps like the the Cambridge Audio's Azur 851A which seems to have A/B speaker switch and lots of balanced connections which I am slowly moving towards as well. I'm trying to get gear that supports balanced these days and I expect some longer runs. I know speakers switches are generally not good for sound. I rather keep the # components down and power draw reasonable as the location is off grid but has adequate power for reasonable  uses. 

Sorry if I am making this exceedingly complicated. Bottom line is any advice on gear is great and that's why I am here. I like to buy quality used gear and this site has always had the best stuff and well cared for. Thanks