Setup DVD needed for PJ

Searching the archives here I see nothing recently posted about good DVD setup or calibration DVDs for HT.

Are there any out now suitable and easy enough to actually improve the image? I have a non HD PJ.

A quick and easy way to start is to rent one of the Pixar movies on DVD, such as Nemo or The Incredibles. They each have a THX optomizer in their disc menu, which has both an audio and video set-up feature. It will help dial in brightness and contrast on your PJ.
Well. How about that. ya know I saw that same thing on my "the Day The Earth Stood Still" DVD, come to think about it.

Hoepfully that'll be a start at least.

Any new dedicated setup discs worth checking out these days? I saw AVIA II IS NOW AVAILABLE. Anyone tried it?

AVIA it is.