Setup advice

I'm a newbie here looking for advice on a turntable setup...still a lot of learning to do. I want a great listening setup, but for now I am buying components one at a time as I can afford them. Last year I purchased a Rega RP6 (w/ Exact cartridge) turntable and currently just have that running through an AV Receiver (Denon AV-4806) through built in phono stage and just playing through some Klipsch surround sound speakers. Last week I finally purchased some decent speakers...a pair of B&W CM10's and a fairly inexpensive phono amp (Cambridge Azur 651P) which will be coming soon. For now I still plan on running the system through the AV receiver until I can afford a decent amp but I'm sure if it will be sufficient. How much am I limiting sound quality by running them through the Denon?
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I think you are going to hear a large improvement with the Cambridge 651P. It is an excellent unit for the money! Your amp should have plenty of power to drive the B&W's..
+1 Mik, Given your TT and Speakers, likely the weak link in your system was the onboard Phono stage. Give the cambridge a listen for a while and get back to us.