Setup 12V trigger for B&W DS7

I need help on setup dipoles on DS7 (spec as 12V trigger current requirement 45mA). I do have 12V trigger on Denon AVR-3805(DC 12V 25mA max). How can I hookup DS7 on 12V of Denon? If I have processor like sunfire grand theature II has 12V trigger, how can I setup? What cable should I use now?
Usually, it is a simple 3.5 mm male plug to 3.5 mm male plug cable. Just connect the cables as a daisy chain, from one component to the other.
I suggest that you read the Denon receiver manual, to find out exactly what kind of cable.
It's a basic mono cable as casouza stated. Go to radioshack. Be careful to go into the correct jack if the unit has in and out or you'll blow a fuse.
Thanks for your respond. In DS7, there is a speaker connection for 12V trigger below the main speaker connection, I should connect 3.5 male plug to receiver and other to speaker (2 wire) if I correct. I really am appreciate if you show me by picture. Denon AVR-3805(DC 12V 25mA max) VS. DS7 (spec as 12V trigger current requirement 45mA). Do you think they are ok to connect?
Hi Sanjose
The correct setup is a long male to male 3.5 mm cable, connected between receiver Remote OUT and woofer Remote trigger IN.
The trigger connection on the DS7 is certainly not a speaker connection. The industry-standard for remote trigger connection is 12V DC, not AC as in speaker cables.
Do not worry about the mA ratings, it will work.