Settling on a cartridge? VPI guys-question?

Hi again guys,
Doing my homework and called to set-up an audition a week from Saturday.

I am going to audition two pre/amps. Simaudio P7 and Audio Research LS27. I have a Simaudio Amp already. They are also a Dynaudio dealer so I can hear the pre/amps and turntables with my speakers. Dynaudio Confidence C1.

I had asked for suggestions on TTs and thanks but the dealer I am visiting has VPI, Clearaudio and Rega as the mainstream lines so this is what I am auditioning with the pre/amps listed above.

It is clear his preference is VPI and this is fine. My question is they have a demo unit, an Aries 3 that I will hear but I seem to be very attracted to the Classic from reviews and yes even the looks. What are your thoughts of these two tables? The demo Aires 3 has a couple of upgrades I believe. I see there is a Classic 2 and 3(the 3's price is climbing but boy is it beautiful. Sonic differences between 1, 2 and 3?)

Lastly, boy how do you guys settle on a cartridge? When I audition, is it typical to request multiple cartridge changes? Or trust the dealer after a price and style of music is determined and let him drive in the cartridge seat so to speak?

My music tastes are from classic rock to Jazz. Female vocals and even some piano as I come to appreciate my speakers.

Your input on the VPI tables(demo Aires 3 and Classic) and cartridges is appreciated. I have a pretty decent budget for the cartridge but I also know the prices can go crazy here.

Ohh, Simaudio has a new phono pre/amp, the 310 LP. Sim will be the audiotion piece. I believe they also have an additional power supply for this unit but we will start without the supply first. Anyone familiar with the Sim pieces?

Thanks so much. Boy, speakers were easy to audition and I have a handle on most other areas in the audio chain but turntables really have me out of the water so to speak (-:

I just wanna have a nice drink and enjoy the music!

Thanks in advance.
On my VPI Signature Scout, I have used for quite a while, the Dynavector XX2 MKII. It's a great cartridge, and a great match for VPI tonearms. I have a modded Simaudio LP5.3 with outboard power supply. The power supply is the single best investment I have made in audio. I would definately plan on getting one when you can.

The cartridge is more of a match to the pre-amp. So, get the TT demo done to the pre-amp that you will be using. While the TT arm can make a difference, the first comparison should be to the pre amp you will be using.
Benz and Dyna work very well with the VPI arm. The more you pay, the better the cartridge. If your prepre is not top tier, get more output from the cartridge.
I am using Grado Statement1 and it works very well once you set it up very carefully.
Aries 3 is a great table. Heard the Classic 2 vs. Aries 1 vs. Aries 3 in the same system with a Dyna XX2 and it was clearly: Aries 3 > Aries 1 >> Classic 2 in virtually every category.
Dan, that 5.3 is supposed to be killer. What are your thoughts on its performance?
The aries is a wonderfull turntable , the acryl/stainless? steel base gives it solidity .
Cartridge ??? ..... vd hul colbri? an ortofon A 90 seems to get good reviews and doesnt cost that much