Settings for the Jolida Phono Preamp JD9 II


I just acquired the Jolida Phono Preamp JD9 II.

I seem a bit confused by the settings.

 I have a Hana SL MC Low Output Cart.

Is anybody familiar with this preamp?

I have the manual and I think I have it set right but would love some feedback.

I am using the High Output to my Integrated.

For the Din Adjustments, I set it to the following:

- Gain Switches, I chose MC LOW High Gain Output - ON
- There is no setting exactly for 400ohm or slightly higher, so I set the 100 + 300ohms settings to ON
- For the Pico Fareds switches, they are all OFF.

My understanding is that these would be the ideal settings but not sure.

I am listening to music now and it all seems good I think although I think the gain might be high as the volume on my Integrated is pretty low and it already sounds high.

Still learning all this stuff.

I was using a Sim Audio Moon 110lp V2 and once I have all the settings dialed in on the Jolida, I will be doing a lot of comparing.



Check out the chart below, don't be afraid to try different settings to find what sounds best to you. Also, I have rolled in a dozen or so different 12AX7 tubes and have found vintage Telefunken12AX7's sound best to me. Have fun with it.
It has been a while since I have owned/used a Jolida 9 phono stage, with that said I used it during it's time with me with .4mv and lower low output moving coils and as I remember it always seemed to be on the hot side of things, or to say more gain than needed. I can remember even trying the MM stage on low output moving coils and know that at least one of the carts were used in that manner. You say your integrated is set for high output, might try a lower setting there if available. enjoy the music
Thanks for the suggestions.

I also talked to Michael Allen from Jolida.

I have now set my preamp to

- Impedance: 1K ohms
- Gain: MC LOW High Gain Output
- OutPut: High Output
- Capacitance: 0

I think I like it there for now.