settings for Rega Exact II / Simaudio Moon LP3 ?

I just bought a Rega turntable with Exact II cartridge here on Audiogon, and elsewhere bought a Simaudio Moon LP3 phono preamp. I found an online manual for the LP3, and the manual informs me that I can set the impedance loading to 100 or 47k Ohms; I can set the capacitance loading to 0 or 100pF.

I haven't found any detailed instructions to tell me which settings are best for the Rega Exact II cartridge. Can anyone fill me in?

By default, the LP3 has internal jumpers set for 100 pF and 47k Ohm. Is this the best bet for my cartridge?

Thanks in advance!
The default settings are correct!
C loading depends on what the cartridge spec calls for and then you have to account up the C in your arm cable, and then add in whatever extra you can on the phono stage to make it equal to what the cartridge spec is. Since you probably don't know what the C of your cable is and Rega doesn't publish a spec for the recommended C, your best approach is to try both 100 and 0 pF. See if 100pF sounds unbearably bright compared to 0. Or maybe 0 pF sounds dull compared to 100 pF. Or maybe you won't hear a difference. Impedance at 47K is probably best.

BTW, I dont think there is such thing as an Exact 2, only the Exact, even though you see references to the 2 on sites like Raskin's. Personally, I'd get anything but a Rega MM cartridge. I'd wager if you looked up all of the users experience posts with rega pickups from all the boards you'd find the consensus is they are not very good performers or value for money.
With all due respect to Bmckenney, I totally disagree with his "BTW" remarks. I have the Rega Exact 2 cartridge (yes, there is a "2" version) on my P3-24 turntable, and the music sounds absolutely wonderful. There is a special synergy between Rega cartridge, Rega arm, and Rega table that is truly terrific. My LP's have never sounded better, and I, along with many other Exact 2 owners, have found sublime musical happiness with this combination. So, enjoy your new set-up, Rach fan, and be thrilled with the music !!

And, anyway, Bmckenney, why are you trying to cause disappointment for Rach fan ? He said that he already bought his table and pick-up. Wouldn't it be nicer to wish him luck and enjoyment ? Even if you personally disagree with his choice of cartridge, that by no means gives you the right to put it down. This is why it's so hard for "new audiophiles" to get involved with our wonderful hobby. Too many "bad remarks" out there. Encouragement would make a lot more sense, wouldn't it ?

So, to both Rach fan and Bmckenney, I hope you enjoy your systems, and remain thrilled with the music. Happy Listening !!
Rach Fan
According to the US Rega distributor, there is in fact a MarkII (2) version of the Exact cart. Identified by a black plate at the rear of the cart where cart pins are located. Previous versions had a gray plate and the earliest versions had a yellow plate.
I have a gray plated version, and absolutely love it, if the Mark 2 is better, it must be a very fine cart.
I don't understand why people knock the Rega carts, in my limited experience, both the Bias and Exact are excellent in their price range, when used on a Rega table.
My first Rega table was a Planar 2 and came with a Bias cart premounted, I now own a P25 and use a Zu/Denon 103r, Ortofon 2m Red & Blue, Ortofon OM30 Super, Shure V15VMR, and the Rega Exact. They all have their strengths and weaknesses....the Exact competes with all of them on many levels, and beats them all for pure toe-tapping, musical enjoyment, in my system.
If you own a Rega table, with Rega arm, it is a no-brainer, they work together well, and get the musical message across.
BTW, I use a Rega Fono w/ my Exact and it's specs say 100pf and 47kOhms, so your phono pre's default settings should be perfect. Enjoy!