Settings for PS Audio PowerPlant

Seeking information from present and past owerns of the PowerPlant with multiwave. Who knows the best power setting for their system. I am currently using the SS5 setting and sounds better than SS1 which is recommended by PS Audio on my front end and pre amp.
I use PS3 and PS5 set at 116 volts.
I can't seem to hear a *x@# - &%$* difference when I switch modes. Except if I go too far down on the voltage.
Then I get a system shutdown, but 100 volts is for Japan, not here. My ML pre. won't take it.
does your ML equipment work with any multiwave settings? If I try anything but SIN ALL my ML37, ML360, ML380S and ML336 goes hay-wire!! Every display just shows error codes I have never seen before nor can I find them in the manuals. Shutting everything doewn then on again under PP sin brings all my equipment up and they works just fine.
I tried different multiwave settings but either one causes the problems.
Which settings work for you and what ML equipment do you use?
Gerd: the preamp is a 380S and it does not seem to be affected by anything except a drop in voltage. I have a PS300 supplying the preamp and a Meridian 508-24 CDP and the power supply for some Perpetual Technologies stuff I am playing with. The amp (Classe 401) is too big for the 300.
I've been all over the map on this one, as I'm sure anyone using a PowerPlant w/MW has been.
It depends on the music and the source (LP or CD).
My fave's are SS1, SS5 and SF8, occasionally PS2. I find SS1 to give the most natural sound, with extended hi-freq response. The others can work well on really 'processed' music.
I seem to have no choice on mine. I am forced to use the Sin or PS2 (which I use) as all the "SS" settings produce a very disturbing pulsating hum (only my digital sources and preamp are connected to the PP300). My PP300 is connected to its own dedicated line with a PS Audio Lab Cable. Anyone else have such a problem?
Fmpnd, I had a very similiar problem. The PS1 was the quietest for my transformers. The SS5 was a bit noisy, but not so bad I wouldn't use it. SS1 was out of the question and all the others seemed to lack something. (depth and weight) So I used the PS2 80% of the time.

That became "the" issue for me with the PS300. If each setting was adding or taking something away, it seems to me that I was changing the signal and music. I bought the unit to filter and clean up the power, not as a tone control. I've gone to the Hydra, it's just nuetral, quite and runs cool. It also tends to open up the presentation better than the PS300 at any setting.

I was able to use the PS300 for my amps, pre-amp and SACD player. The presentation was best with the amps included, but the Hydra for my system is a better fit. QUITE!
Is it a mechanical hum from the physical component boxes or an electrical hum through the system?
Fmpnd: I have had hum problems too on all the higher frequency settings and all multiwave settings save PS2, but, as Drubin is asking, it was because the transformer in my equipment plugged into it (in this case, a dCS Purcell) started buzzing/humming, a common occurrence. In response to the original question, because of the buzzing and because my CD transport has an air pump, I have only used the PS2 setting, at Paul McGowan's suggestion. It certainly sounds better than any of the non-Multiwave settings to me.