Settings for Lehmann Black Cube

Can anyone suggest an optimum dipswitch setting for a Lehmann Black Cube using a Dynavector DV100D MC cartridge (r=30 ohms & l=80 micro henrys) and a Rega RB600 tonearm? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Although I'm no authority in this regard, I understand that load impedance of the phono stage should be set to match the MC cartridge's impedance. So for R=30 ohms your load should match that. Anyone else concur?
Go to for the e-mail address or phone # they import the cube.When I had mine I called them about the cube and they were real nice and they know the cube inside and out.
Trial and error might be your best bet. I currently use a Clearaudio Sigma that calls for 47k. I use the 100ohm setting instead. More musical, not at all strident (per the latest Absolute Sound review), excellent balance. While I haven't heard the audio research, cj, etc. this little thing is awfully good.