Setting up the cartridge--Tips/techniques

Thanks for the feedback on cartridges for my Michell Gyro. I decided on the van den hul frog. It was not one of the ones i recieved feedback but I recently heard one in action and was pretty impressed. I am looking for some advice on how to set it up properly to get maximum performance from the set up. I have a couple of questions
1. Is the use of a stylus force gauge/scale critical or can I use the scale on the arm and tweak based on performance?
2. What position should I adjust the arm height to get maximum performance and avoid cartridge damage or record damage.
3. Are there other key points or techniques to consider

I have a Frog and can give you some tips. But first, is it a standard Frog (.65mV) or a Frog Gold Mk II (.85mv) or a high output (2.2mv) and what kind of arm is it in?
invest in a digital scale to set the tracking force so there's no guesswork. VTF is critical to sound and preserving your stylus and records. VTA can be set and tweaked by ear.
Initial Conditions:

We will assume you have installed your cartridge correctly using some kind of an alignment protractor (very important) and that it is set-up to the manufacturerÂ’s recommendations such as body parallel to the record for VTA. This is usually when the tonearm is parallel to the record surface as well for non tapered tonearms.

The tracking force should be set at the mid-point of the range recommended by the manufacturer. For example, if the recommended range is 1.8 to 2.2 grams, then set it to 2.0.

I use the shure stylus force guage with good results.

These settings are just a starting point. The VTA and tracking force setting must be adjusted by ear.

Oilmanmojo, Go to Loyd Walkers site to get the rest of the info, good luck.
Can you describe a technique or approach for setting VTA? My R250 arm has adjustment which I set to the level matching the tracking force (per instructions) but I've heard you should listen and adjust from there.

Is there an easy way to know you have it right?
This subject has been covered in exhaustive (and exhausting) detail in these forums. And all you have to do to access this information is type "VTA" in the search window and click on the "search" button. In addition to enough advice and comments to keep you reading 'til your eyeballs fall out, you will come across many links to articles that go into even further and juicier detail.
Indeed. Let's not go through THAT again! ;-)

We're not trying to be unhelpful Bundy. The article linked by Rockinroni above addresses your question perfectly. Read it.

A search of the A'gon or VA archives will provide other views. I doubt there's anything useful that hasn't been said many times.
Thanks for all of the responses. I installed the cartridge (standard frog 0.65mv)using a printable protractor from one of the recommended websites mentioned in similar threads. This is a great tool that really helped me align the cartridge. Since the michell arm is built for the gyro se table, the VTA appears to be level. I do not have a stylus gauge yet but I have one ordered. I am using the technique in the walker site to tweak the VTF. Still learning how to tweak. The VTA is not very adjustable on this arm design. I am getting some thin disks made to tweak VTA to see the impact. Based on the efforts to date, I have been very impressed with the Van den hul cartridge on this arm. I originally set up my MM cartridge (older shure cartridge) on the table and was pleased until the frog came in. I now understand the differences between a 100 dollar MM cartridge and a quality MC cartridge. Big difference. Again, thanks for the comments and advice.
And if you want to go deeper try this: