Setting up speakers 45 degrees from sidewalls

I am interested in the pros and cons of setting up my speakers so that I am looking straight at a corner from my listening chair about 12 feet away. There is no "rear" or "side" wall in the conventional sense. The speakers would be about 30" from any wall. The room is large (20x24 with 12x15 opening on the left and openings on the right). Ceilings are multi slanted and average 12.5 feet in height.
Whenever I try to talk to dealers about this their eyes cross. Thoughts?
No reason why it should not work fine - you may find you get less but more even bass with this configuration. Try to stay away from the exact middle of a square room (37% of a length is recommended in most cases) You may need to treat the walls behind your listening position with absorption/diffusion at first reflection points (which are now behind you).
you should set up the toe in of your speakers so it sounds best to you. just remeber the more toe in you use the thinner the sound stage will get. the less toe in you use the more sound stage you will get
I don't know if this is relevant or not , but I have mine setup that way and do not get much soundstage depth or width .
I am in a small square room , 12'X12' with 8' ceilings . I did this so as to not get any of the nasties associated with square rooms . In that respect it works . But my soundstage mainly collapses to the corner . Most everything is in the middle and never exceeds the width of the speakers . A trade off , as is most everything .

Good luck .