Setting up Rega RB300

Hello A-goners,

I recently purchased a basis 1400 with rb300 arm from a fellow A-goner. However, I didn't get a manual for the RB300
tonearm. I checked Regas website and they do not offer much information and they suggest that you go through an authorized dealer. (Not sure how helpful a dealer would be with a table purchased on A-gon).

Does anyone know where I could get a copy of a manual for the RB300? I'm trying to set the overhang with a universal protracter and you need the effective length to do so. (I suppose I could measure this or purchase a wally tractor to set the overhang)


I believe the effective length is 222mm.
Effective Length 239mm
Pivot to Spindle distance 221.7mm
Overhang (B-)17.3mm (L-)17.8mm

Via My WallyTractor for Rega tonearms..... (or Basis Vector)
This link may contain all the information you need
Thanks Monk & Sean! I'll be ordering the wallytractor soon!
After 2 months of waiting for an "in stock" wallytractor to ship... I canceled my order.
Hi Goat,

I suspected that this may be true- This is why I was asking questions about the universal protracter. Two months is unacceptable for something that is in-stock and barely acceptable for something that is back ordered.

This being the case I will:

a. buy the wtractor anyway?

b. buy a universal such as the feickert (spelling?) "expensive, but should work on any table as long as you know certain tonearm parameters.

c. borrow a wtractor from the guy that sold me the TT (nice guy)

d. Have a pro setup my TT.

Thanks for the heads up!
I got a mirrored protractor from turntable basics.

Works for me. A great tip I got from another forum is to tape a sewing needle to the side of the cartridge (provided it's parallel to the cantilever) and this makes it much easier to sight the alignment.
Take a ruler and measure the pivot to spindle distance. if it is 222mm, then use one of the Rega arc protractors at vinyl engine. Seb's protractors have served me well. I print it out and tape it on top of an old records...provides solid base and perfect height for cartridge alignment.

not sure what you are trying to do. if you're trying to install the arm, set pivot at 222mm from the spindle (219.5 may be better but we won't get into this).

if you're trying to setup a cartridge, you don't need to know the effective length with either Seb's protractors or, say, the turntable basics protractor (and a couple other ones as well). you do, however, need to verify the pivot to spindle distance is as per Rega spec (222mm).