Setting up RB 300?

I have a Tecnodec with a RB 300 arm w/ Arum beta S cartridge.

What is the proper way to set everything up to break in properly?

The cartridge has been mounted to the arm.

You will need a Jig to set things up properly and set the cartridge in alignment. The Dennison Soundtracker is good. VPI has a good one for their tables. Without a jig, there is no way to get it set very well. Jallen
If the cartridge was aligned by the dealer (I got an almost identical setup from Gene Rubin about a month ago) all you have to adjust is VTA, which can be done by ear/sight.

I am by no means a vinyl expert, but if you bought from a dealer, and they said that they mounted the cart, it's probably OK. There might be a jig in one of your boxes- a paper template that has a spindle hole and some lines. Put the jig on the platter and follow the directions
IF there isn't a jig, I bet there is somewhere on the net where you can print one...

As far as VTA
The story I've heard is that the "tail" end of the RE arms with an Aurum Beta S like to be LOW, since it's a pretty tall cart. I have only a few MM of clearance with the arm in the up position over a record. The needle, which is almost impossible to see, wants to be absolutley vertical to teh absolutely horizontal surface of the record.
Gene told me to look to the cartridge, specifically the top of the cart body, and try to "eyeball" that so it is parallel to the record surface while the arm is down.

good luck, I'm sure with some searching, you'll find much more info than this...
Hello from another tecnodec owner....
If the cartridge has been installed by your dealer, one would hope that it has been aligned properly. You could check the alignment with the Rega paper jig that should have come with your table, however the it is not the most accurate jig and is slightly off from the alignment I measure with the DB protractor. Asuming the cartridge is aligned properly, you just have to set VTA as described above by Gthirteen.

And one more thing: Terry (tlh28) has some problems with the motor pulley on his tecnodec, see our conversation in another thread ("VPI Scout or Michell Technodec?" by ).

After setting up it might still take a while until the new cartridge and the motor will be burned in (probably 30+ hours). I left the turntable running for the first two days continuously. My Denon DL103 and my Kontrapunkt A took a long time to burn in.

Enjoy your new table...

"I left the turntable running for the first two days continuously." I am not sure this is a good idea.
Why not? I let the motor spin the platter for two days (without playing the needle). Most bearings freeze if they are not used for a longer time. I have seen a lot of shops, that let their Rega's spin all the time to avoid warm up and restarts of the AC motor. Aren't Nottingham tables designed to run without stopping and starting?

Breaking in the needle is more difficult: I usually use some Records that I don't like, change them every 20 minutes and try not to listen. At least this get's me past the first 10-20 hours. In particular the Denon DL103 was a pain before it was actually listenable.

"Why not?" For some reason I don't trust DC motors in newer TTs. Hope I'm wrong.