Setting up my new used Linn system -- advice?

I just purchased a used Linn system that includes a Majik integrated amp and an LK85 power amp. I'd like to biamp using these 2 boxes. The gear comes with Audioquest jumpers (for the Majik) and standard Linn analogue cables (for the LK 85). My system will also include Linn Tukan speakers (with one pair of K400 biwire speaker cables), a Linn CD player and a Linn tuner, and basic, standard Linn connects.

Being a relative rookie, I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who can advise me about (a) what to look out for in setting the system up and what cables/connects I need or should use to set this whole system up. Specifically, what will I need to accomplish bi-amping (more speaker cable?), and what (reasonably priced) interconnects and other cables, if any, would you recommend instead of what I have.

Many thanks.
LK400 cable is all you need to bi-amp.(see my review on You just need to 'separate' them with sharp knife so they can reach your LK85. If you have Linn interconnects you will be fine, unless you want to upgrade to the Linn silver (+/-$200)interconnect, which will give you little bit more detail.
Thanks, Eldragon. By "separate", do you mean that one cable per speaker is enough to bi-amp, provided that near the end of the cable, it gets split in two (looking like the letter Y) so that 2 connections go to one amp and two to the other? (Excuse my ignorance on the subject, but I take it that biwired cable contains 4 wires.)

Thanks again.
If you take a look at the Linn K-400, you'll see that is designed for active bi-amping with the Linn 'activ' cards, so it is basicaly a double run of two wires, totaling four on each end. Two goes into Majik and two into LK-85 and all four into Tukan. I'll also suggest high quality spring loaded banana connectors (spades aren't an option) for Tukans, as it gets really 'crowded' behind. And one more thing, if you are using Tukans stands, make sure that you fill them with sand/lead shot mixure, as they WILL tip forward if empty, and you WILL end up with damaged speakers.
Good Luck!