Setting Up Home Theater

I am in the process of setting up a home theater and I am new to alot of this. I currently have the following equipment:
Hitachi 53" Television
Yamaha RX-V995 Receiver
And recently purchased the following speakers as a package:
NHT model 2.5i Fronts
NHT Audio Center 1
NHT Super Two Rears
NHT Super Sub

I'm looking for suggestions on how to set this up. In particular as far as the bass should I be looking to bi-amp the 2.5i's. I have another older Yamaha Amp that I could use to do this or should I be looking for an NHT SA-2 amp to power these. If I bi-amp the fronts is the super sub redundent. If you use both subwoofers do you cross the over at different frequencies. Any help is appreciated.

Thank You,
First off, go out and Buy the DVD called AVIA, this will discuss speaker placement, video calibration (awesome) and finally audio calibration. Buy a Radio Shack Sound Pressure meter (analog, not the more $$$ digital) to use during the tests and setup the sub.
Setup your system with this first, and determine if biamping the 2.5's will buy you much, also I'm not sure how easy it will be to biamp out of a receiver you do not want to use the speaker outputs to attach the SA2. If you had NHT 3.3 or 2.9 I wouldn't hesitate. Instead I would probably recommend just getting a good 3 channel 200 watt amp for the front and forgo the complexity of biamping. Keep in mind that the center channel is what is used for movies, bi-amping the left and right will benifit music more.

The sub is never redudant, first off because the 2.5 don't go as low and second and most importantly the LFE channel for surround requires a sub.... don't route the LFE or SUB out to the bottoms of your NHT 2.5.

That's a great sounding sytem!