Setting up an audio system

I am a new member. I haven't listened to music in some time and am going to set up a system . I'm trying to balance price versus performance and I'm not sure if I've allocated properly. Currently what I've put together is B&W 802 D speakers , either a Cambridge Audio Azur 851 A or a Rogue Cronus magna amplifier , a Marantz CD 6005 CD player and a Audio Technica LP 120 vinyl player. Obviously the cost declines from speakers on down. My thoughts are that I can always upgrade the CD player and turntable later . I would appreciate the members advice about my choices and should I be considering other equipment . I understand now I need to actually audition the equipment. Thanks for your help.
Since you have put together some good gear my advice would be to put off even considering any changes until you've listened to what you have for quite awhile. You'll learn what you like or dislike and then come back with specific questions that would help folks here help guide you toward what you might like better. And listening to other gear whenever you get the chance can be helpful but can also be confusing unless you can insert a piece into your own system.
I appreciate the insight I've gotten. Sfar the only stuff I've ordered is the turntable and CD player . Those obviously are the cheapest part of the system.
I have a system I haven't used in 25 years with a Luxman receiver and Klipsch Forte speakers. I plan on dusting them off and hooking the turntable and CD player into them if the receiver still works while I decide about the rest of the equipment . I never had time to listen to it much because of work but I'm now entering retirement /semi- retirement and thought now I have time to do other things and why not get back into audio and put together a system .
Like most of us ,the choices I made 27 years ago were based on what I could afford then but now my options are much less limited financially.
Based on the research I've done primarily on the internet this is the system I'm considering and I wanted to get members advice is this a good "fit"system or are there other components I should consider .
I started with the speakers as I'd read such good things about B&W 802 D speakers . The stuff I read about these speakers is really what piqued my interest in setting up a system . I haven't ever heard them yet but plan on "auditioning " a pair at a dealer next week .
I'm interested if members think there are other speakers I should audition and what would be a good choice for an amplifier/ pre amp or combination as I've listed to power the system .
Have you actually purchased or just narrowed down the options? You can start with budget and then allocate accordingly. And, will you have an on-going budget or is this a one time buy? Speakers are also the starting point of a system. Make sure that you can live with them and are not just in love with marketing and perceived value and reviews. Balance it all out. Are you willing to buy used equipment? Used equipment is a good way to hear and listen. BUT, do not get trapped into a buying and selling frenzy. Take road trips if time, family, and budgets permit to see and hear different equipment and live music. Few dealers are one stop shopping, albeit some can be close. Goheelz raised a good point about vinyl. Do you have records now? If so how many? And, what do you want to listen to, how, where, when? I could talk for a long time about this, but, the point is take your time and listen and listen and ask questions. Then, as we have all written or said, let your ears decide. Hope this helps.
Cellorover : Thanks for your input . I'm not the kind of person who is constantly buying or selling anything. I suspect once I put a system together it won't change a lot. The speakers will probably be the last set I'll buy , unless there is some "breakthrough" technology I can't live without .
I can see at some time in the future ? 5 years I might upgrade the amp/preamp maybe move to a McIntosh if I find I'm still happy with everything else. At present I'm not sure I want to put that much money into that part of the system I'm putting together now . Maybe I'm wrong though and it would be better to put $ 7000 to $10000 into that. I doubt that I personally would ever go more than that for that component unless I became so completely enveloped in the experience that I had to go further . That's why I appreciate the members advice .
The CD , turntable part of the system I guess I would move up in those components when and if I became convinced that that was the weak point in the system and I would then decide how much audible difference /improvement at what cost .
I probably have 300-400 vinyl LPs from the " old days " but I'm not sure what shape they are in. My plan was to listen to CDs first primarily but play some vinyl and if I think the sound is better than the CDs , of music that I like buy new LPs of what I think are my favorite discs or albums.
The "old vinyl" deal is something I can relate to. I've kept a pile of LPs dating back to the 60s and bought a "Spin Clean" to clean the damn things after putting together a new phono rig. I've noted this before but it's still worth mentioning (or beating to death): The only thing you can play LPs on is a turntable, and my old LPs that I thought were trashed by crappy turntables and greasy fingers years ago can really sound amazing after cleaning (and replacing the sleeves with MOFIs). If you ignore your LPs, all the music on them will remain unheard...sadly. There are some new tables that sound and look great for small money, plenty of used gear, and you can bring your LPs to life in a big way.