Setting up a Subwoofer

There are many threads on subwoofers so I thought I would offer my experiences in how to set one up. I have a Rel and after many failed efforts to intergrate I called Sumiko who walked me through it.

Keeps subs out of the corners and if it is foward firing put it on a stand. You wont beleive how much it clears up the boom.

Crossovers dont cut off perfectly. So if it set for 25hz there is going to be some bleed through to 26hz and 27hz. Use this to your adavntage for intergration. Set the crossover a hair below your mains and turn the volume up on the sub. This gives you the most punch and more bleed through to blend them nicely.

If the sub puts out the same quality bass as the mains and is set up properly it will never make it sound worse.

Any other sub tips is appreciated.
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Only interesting thing is REL sais they design their subs to be put in the corner. Your case is not unique, but your room may be the exception, not the rule. If you had too much boom, it could also mean the volume on the sub is too high.
Hi, I had too much boom on my REL Storm III (dealer set it up for me and put it in the corner) so I bought some Audiopoints (8 mm threaded 1 1/2" ones) and replaced the factory spikes w/them and the boom is GONE!! I did no other adjustments to the crossover, gain, etc. but left them as my dealer and I had originally set them when I first bought the sub. I have now bought Audiopoints to replace the factory spikes on my speakers (Vienna Acoustic Beethovens) too (these take the 5mm threaded 1 1/2" points). Bass is now excellent all around. Just some food for thought.