Setting up a Shelter 501MK II

This is my first MC cartridge and I was hoping someone could give me some sound advice on the best phono stage settings for this cartridge. The technical data that comes with the Shelter 501 gives a recommended load impedance as follows:
Step-up trans within 20 ohm
head amplifier within 100 ohm
high gain EQ-amplifier within 47 Kohm

I assume by EQ-amplifier they mean a phono stage? My phono stage is a Audio Alchemy VAC-in-the-box. I was running a Grado Platinium (MM)at 47K with 250 capacitance with great results.The VAC has the capability of adding jumpers for 100 ohms,1K ohm,10K ohm or default at 47K ohm. I was always under the impression that the 47K was for MM and that the MC would be set at a different value. The way Shelter desribes the settings I am not sure exactly what they mean by within 47K? If any of you shelter owners are out there I could use some friendly advice.Also what do I do about the capacitance settings?
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I think you will love this cartridge. Don't worry so much about the capacitance, but you do want to load it to 100 ohms. It is pretty sensitive to overhang and alignment, so take your time in the setup.

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The 100 Ohm load should work well with cartridge (I own two!). Also, after much experimentation, I have found that 1.80 grams for the vertical force works best. I agree with Tubegb in that overhang and alignment matter a great deal.

You'll be fine...enjoy and HNY!
Oh yeah and forget about capacitance with an MC cart, not needed.
Thanks for the responses. I set up alignment with the small protractor that came with the Michell(Odyssey) table but I do have a D&B protractor and will double check alignment were this is so crital. HOw about vertical alignment should it be level or ass end slightly down etc.I currently have it set level. The vertical alignment is not the easiest adjustment to make on this table. Thanks for the info on loading and capacitance.


The 100 Ohm setting on your phono stage will match the manufacturer's suggestion. My experience with the 901 put VTF at 1.92 with the tonearm slightly lower at the pivot end. If tonearm adjustment uses a set screw, then it can be awkward. You can try using a deck of cards to gauge relative position and to get repeatability. The Teres VTA adapter might be worth a look.

It may not be helpful for me to say that you will know it when it is right as compared to when it is off, even just a bit. But it is true and worth the time to sweat (patiently) over the alignment. The soundstage will be open and should yield nice depth; notes should be well focused in space and not horizontally spread out. You'll get a kick out of the 501 - have fun!

Thanks for the tip on using a deck of cards, and the Teres VTA adapter. I am already getting great sound, a lot more refined than the Grado and will put in the effort to get this right.

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