Setting Up a Michell Tecnodec..Vancouver BC

Hi, I just purchased a Tecnodec and am awaiting a ZU DL103. I have Michel Fremer's DVD on turntable setup, but I really don't trust myself.

Does anyone know of a good turntable specialist in Vancouver, BC Canada that isn't too expensive? (estimate of price would help)

Has anyone set up a tecnodec, it's suppose to be straight forward.. no suspension. But I'd just like to be assured I'm getting all I can get out of my analog setup.

I had one, just follow the instructions, they are very simple and laid out well. The overhang gauge works well and is accurate. The counterweight set-up was also very accurate, I measured it against an actual digital scale and it was right on. Set the VTA so the arm is almost parallel with the top of the record and you should be set.