Setting up a cartridge

I had a look through recent posts and couldn't find the answers that I was looking for, so here we go.
 I have an SME IV and its own card protractor. Apart from that I use the dial on the counter weight of the arm to set the downforce. So I`m in need of the best budget options with which to setup the cartridge.
Hopefully there is something that I can use to set the vertical tracking angle and the azimuth and a budget scale.
Finally what is the members opinion of the Winyl One-Touch Polymer stylus cleaner?
Thank you.
Is it a IV or a V?
Supplied SME protractor is more than satisfactory for initial set up.
I use a DB10 protractor for years that never failed me. In fact i consider it as one of the best for the job.
Unfortunately or not, azimuth adjustment on series IV & V is not easy unless using shims under headshel or mounting base.
A digital scale would worth its money also.


Well that set the world on fire. thanks for your response Petg60. I'll try another forum!