setting up a basis 2001 signature

Does anyone have an instruction book. Im using the origin live rb250 with the elys 2 cart.

Any tips or thoughts
You should call Basis and get instructions to make sure the setup is correct. I have a setup CD, but not a booklet.
I'd contact AJ at Basis. He'll be the best person to answer your questions.
Try to get a hold of A.J.'s set up video if you haven't already. It is not difficult to set-up.
Great setup guy in Mass, if you're close. He worked for Goodwins last time I checked.
Also, the foot pods should be marked on the bottom indicating the corner where they should be located. Screw them in, level the table, stick the arm on it with the tube level, and you are close to done.

When it works in your budget, replace the Rega arm with a Basis arm. It is not cheap, but a very significant improvement. They show up used occasionally.