Setting to Recommended Tracking Weight Is Wrong

I have found that I rarely if ever use the recommended tracking-weight anymore because it must really be adjusted by ear.It is therefore actually incorrect to tell someone or give out,a strict figure for tracking-weight.It will fall within a particular range but will be different for each case.I am always adjusting that paper-clip on TWL's mod.Possibly with each record.
Maybe that's why Koetsu doesn’t give a specification for track force.

Their suggestion is to "set it by ear," although the importer can give minimum / maximum to play around with.

During such testing, a precision stylus force gauge is helpful. It confirms repeated "best sound settings" and allows for immediately return to reference setting, should you bump the weight or swap cartridges.
Amen brothers!

Another variable is room temperature. At CES (in the Alexis Park) where you leave the doors open to the outside, it's like the difference between indoor and outdoor tennis.

As the day wore on and the temperature shifted upwards by a good 10 degrees (Farenheit) or so, we'd bump the tracking force on our ZYX Universe by about .05 grams.

Makes a difference on a cartridge like this !

Thom @ Galibier
I thought tracking force should be reduced in hotter temperatures. I saw that posted somewhere quoted from dynavector somewhere. Correct me if I am wrong please.
Dear Stefnal: The manufacturer minimum/maximum range is the right way to start about VTF.
Where we have to be carefully is not to pass the maximum VTF recomended for the manufacturer because over that maximum VTF the coils will be out of center, the suspensión designed characteristics will change for the worst, probably the stylus could run out faster and maybe you can ruin your records faster too. I always ask the manufacturer which is the maximum " safe " one VTF on their cartridges.

I agree with Tom about the temperature influence on the cartridge performance.

Albert, I think that Koetsu does not give any advise about because that is part of their " odd philosophy ", because even Koetsu has to have a maximum VTF limit.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Glad to see that Paul's paper clip mod for Twl's HIFI mod is still alive and well! We also adjusted it nearly every day, especially for temperature swings and as a cold cartridge warmed up.

Using it for every LP is probably a proxy for adjusting VTA/SRA, since that and VTF are interrelated.

Agree that no one can predict exactly what VTF a particular cartridge will play best at. The elastomers used to make suspensions are, from a materials science perspective, hideously unpredictable. I know UNIverse owners who track @ 1.75g and others who track @ 2.15.

As Raul said, the best a manufacturer can do is provide a safe range. Too low and the cartridge may mistrack, damaging the vinyl. Too high and the cartridge suspension and/or vinyl may wear prematurely.

Otherwise agree with all the above, including Dgad regarding which way to go with VTF to compensate for temperature swings. My present cartridge likes 1.91g on hot summer days, 2.08g on cold winter nights, somewhere in between the rest of the time. My previous cartridge went in the same direction, though the numbers were different of course.
Yes Dgad, tracking force goes down as temperatures rise.

I don't know how to type. Sorry for the confusion.

Thom @ Galibier
Any newcomers reading the above postings should print them out,and possibly study these responses.These are very important considerations for maximizing cartridge performance.As well as keeping these "pricey babies" in top condition.Particularly Raul's input about being careful to stay in the "safety zone"!!

Great stuff!