setting the azimuth

Wondering if any peeps are using an oscilloscope to set the azimuth on there cartridge?

If not, whats the next best method

thx Rum
eyes to closely approximate - ears to fine tune

If all carts were assembled perfectly "square" it would be a relatively easy matter, but thaty ain't ;-(
Exactly what 4yanx said, rough in by eye, fine-tune by ear.

He and I once shared ownership of a Wally Analog Shop, which adjusts azimuth by letting you measure and minimize crosstalk. It worked very well, but I found I could do just as well by listening for image tightness and separation of instruments and voices. I believe he found the same.
If you go thru they have mirror alignment protractor where you can see angle more presicely including certainly azimuth.
i use a carpenter's folding ruler that has the slide out on it, my vpi 10.5i came with a 6 inch rod and the arm is made with a grove in it for the rod to lay in, i sit the arm down on a lp and use the slide out to get the same fit on both sides of the rod, the area where the slide out meets the ruler is wide enough for this use, and it works very well. when i first setup my arm i used a 12 desk ruler, when i thought of this way of doing the azimuth adjustment i was off by almost a heavy sixteenth of a inch, when finished the ruler just touches both sides for the rod,
If your tonearm doesn't have a means to adjust the azimuth (e.g. Origin Live), how do you do it? Add shims? That sounds quite intensive and difficult.
Yes, in arms with no azimuth adjustment, shims are one of the only ways, and this scares people off from even trying. And, it is too bad because azimuth adjustment is imperative for a completely "true" setup. This is one reason, among others, that I will never buy another Rega-based arm (though I own a couple). But that is another story.

Go to this site and scroll down to the fourth photo for one pretty simple way to shim for azimuth:

The tape makes azimuth adjustment quite simple. Just alter the tension on the mounting screws. I used this method on my OL Silver.

Of course any shim will alter the coupling between cartridge and headshell. Whether the sonic improvement from optimizing azimuth will outweigh any possible negatives would vary from cartridge to cartridge, and probably from rig to rig, system to system and even listener to listener.

Like 4yanx, we spoiled ourselves by moving up to perhaps the most adjustable arm in existence. It would be hard to go backwards, but workarounds like Wally's are often effective.

With regards to fine-tuning by ear, what do yoy think of the following idea:

Select a few CD's that you alos have the lp's and listen for image placement on various tracks on the CD's and then repeat with the LP to see if they are located in the same place and adjust azimuth until the image of the lp's is similar to the Cd's.

A basic question. If the image is to far left, how do you adkust the cartridge. do you rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise when looking at the front of the cartridge? Come down to what makes the difference. the tip of the needle or the top edge.