Setting SME 309 with new cartridge.

Question - how do you set SME 309 arm for the brand new cartridge? I know it is rather broad subject but looking for major pointers. The manual is not really clearly written - I could not find any good videos on YouTube either....perhaps you guys know about some useful links that you should share?

Thank you!
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Here is a video that shows what you need to know about the 
 installation of the 309!
Major pointers?
Here's a few I can think of:

 - Make sure the 2 lateral 3mm clamp bolts in the HTA base are loose enough before making HTA overhang adjustments with the HTA Key inserted. A simple lateral manipulation of the tonearm rest/support bracket will confirm if the 2 clamp bolts are loose enough to adjust tonearm while still the tonearm is still being supported.

- Use the supplied protractor for optimal ease and accuracy of setting overhang (HTA). Protractor template may be used on top of a flat record placed directly on platter without use of reflex clamp washer under record. If careful, it is VERY possible to drop stylus into protractor target dimple before using HTA Key to gently push/pull template under tonearm outline. The key here is precision combined with low friction of the template gliding clockwise/counterclockwise on the record surface with HTA Key manipulation. Some of the SME protractor templates are provided with an oversized spindle hole for use with a supplied spindle bushing for even more precision and less friction. This HTA adjustment allows for instantaneous alignment without ever changing VTF - a hallmark of the design.

- If fingerlift use is desired for manual cueing, be sure to utilize the 2 small bellville washers (supplied) which enable proper decoupling of the fingerlift as shown in the setup manual (Figure 112, Page 13). These 2 critical small washers simply fit into the recesses on the top of the headshell under the fingerlift.

- As a final adjustment before snugging up the two 3mm HTA Base clamp bolts is to (Figure 132, Page 20) laterally position the tonearm rest so the front inside corner of the headshell is distanced at 205mm away from the center of the platter spindle. This "presets" the anti-skating for optimal calibration.

- Due to the inherent precision in the arm's construction, very minute changes of VTF are possible by "Preloading" the VTF adjustment screw prior to loosening/tightening the counterweight if adjusting by ear.

Happy Listening!