Setting Gain on Aesthetix IO/Signature

The Aesthetix IO/Signature has up to 80 db of gain.
My Air Tight PC 1s is @ .06 mV.
Can lowering the gain to the 60-70 db range mean less possible tube noise ? If so, at what cost ?
Advice will be greatly appreciated.
I ran my IO  wide open (80db) for a .2 mv Koetsu.  You shouldn't need that much gain for your Air Tight.  Yes- no doubt you can reduce noise by using less gain.  I would set your gain in the high 60's, and increase if you need to. I'm sure Albert would know more, but again, play around.  Cheers -Don
Assuming you mean 0.6 mV as per quoted manufacturer's spec, you should be able to go quite a bit lower than 80 dB.  Doing so will reduce tube noise.  the KAB gain calculator gives 55 dB, but ultimately, that depends on the overall system gain including your amp and the sensitivity/efficiency of your speakers. 
thanks Don & swampwalker for confirmig supposition. probably will begin with 68db setting & go from there.