Setting a price for Spica TC50s

I have a pair of Spica TC50s, that are cosmetically in fair shape, a couple of nipped corners, etc.. One of the speakers has a slight buzz in the mid-range woofer. Nothing loud, but annoying.  My question is, should I be content getting less than $100.00 fir these?  Is there any real market fir them?
Those were nice speakers. If I owned them, I'd have the buzzing speaker fixed and then go from there. You may decide to keep the speakers after they are put back into shape. Also, I think there would be a market among the "vintage" buyers out there ... so, for a good pair of classic speakers like the Spica TC50s, I'm thinking maybe 25 to 40 percent of the original price when new. They'd have to be in good shape with minor cosmetic flaws though. 
Try tightening the screws for the drivers. May be the source of the buzz. 

I have seen these for sale on AG’s marketplace. Don’t remember asking price.
Spica TC-50s in excellent shape are getting about $250-$350. Maybe a little more if you have the original box and packaging and manual.

The ones you have, in the shape you state, would be worth probably $100-$150, if you could even sell them.

Most people who are looking for vintage gear, want said gear, in perfect shape.
Or at least w/o any significant operational defects.  If one of the drivers is damaged, the value would be largely for parts.  Actually, some have found that vintage speakers in particular, are more valuable if parted out.  Not that I'd advocate doing that if the pair had no operational defects. 
The foam surround on the Spica woofer is known to rot (perhaps the cause of your buzzing), and I don't believe that exact woofer is still available. A replacement woofer would most likely require a change in the speakers x/o. Collectors of vintage speakers for that reason buy extra examples, just to have spare parts, as do restorers of vintage automobiles. I restore vintage drums, and buy damaged drums just for the parts.
If the surrounds are damaged, they can be replaced. At a cost of ~$30/driver.

These speakers, as is, are probably only worth $150, and only to one who already owns a pair and wants backup parts, or one who wishes to recondition. 
I had a pair of the TC-50 years ago. And one of them started to buzz. I contacted an audio-savvy friend who told me the quick fix, which indeed fixed it. 

The mid-bass driver is doped by something as high tech as glue. The glue can sometimes start peeling off and the splinters that are lying free and projecting above the driver vibrate and buzz like crazy. 

The fix-apply a small amount of Elmers Wood glue with your fingertip to the driver and rub it around to distribute it evenly. I am guessing something like 0.5cc is sufficent. You will see the fiber of the driver (is it paper?) suck this thing in, and it will now take on a shiny look. Allow it to dry a couple hours and play. Buzz should be gone. If it has improved but not been eliminated, re-apply one additional 'coat'. 

If this works you may also want to treat the other side. 

TC-50 are great speakers. I took them as far as I could with the Sound Anchor stands (pretty much a must, even for the $300 ish price they commanded in the 1980s), and redid the crossovers with higher grade capacitors.