Seta Phono preamplifiers

Is anyone familiar at first hand with the Seta phono preamps? These appear to incorporate a digital RIAA compensation network. Their website indicates that they are audiophile-oriented. For example: the internal wiring is cloth-covered pure silver; the input and output jacks appear to be top quality; the digital circuitry is potted in a copper casing, etc. Very interesting stuff that I never was aware of until today.
yeah that is the PureVinyl stuff, very cool.

Here's my setup:


Nitty Gritty RCM Mini-Pro
Bix Record Player
MG1 Airbearing Tonearm
Grado Reference (Statement .5mv)
AEA Big Ribbon (70db flat gain)
Black Lion Sparrow (ADC)
EMU 1616M (Transport)
Various solid core silver cables
Recording: Wavelab 6
NR: iZotope RX, Algorithmix, Wavelab, or ClickRepair
Dither: Ozone 4 Mbit+

Recording Chain

RCM ( #9 Stylus Cleaner>Zerodust) > TT (speed check w/ Digistrobe) > Grado Ref. Statement> AEA pre> Sparrow ADC (BNC) > 1616M (BNC) > Mini-ITX 80w PicoPSU 45wAMD > Wavelab 6 @ 64bit-float 96kHz

Monitoring (casual listening) is done in Samplitude or Sonar with real-time RIAA applied via VST (11% cpu load w/ EMU ASIO).


Post-processing workflow: manual click removal, Digital RIAA VST, dither to 24bit > individual FLAC files.
No silence has been removed.
More info on digital riaa implementation:
is it a good choice for an high end set up (Raven One + Graham Phantom II B44 + Lyra Skala) for someone who's not interested in degitalised LP on MAc or PC.

So Just for a "normal " use of a phono preamp ?
Has someone listened this product in this kind of use ? which model of SETA ?

thank you