SET with Maggies again

Maggies 3.6 is a must, does anyone try the marriage with the Maggies with any SET; may be deHavilland ?
At low volumes well maybe very low is ok. They really need power to shine their best. I don't understand the rational with people trying to mate this speaker with flea amps,it doesn't work. I am not saying that some music might not fare, but on the whole mate this speaker with brute force and it will do what it was intended to do "sing.
Hopefully Maggie + SET owner Onemug will post. His 3.6's sound wonderful with his little amps, but he doen't ask them to play louder than what they're comfortable with.

I'm a Maggie, and Set owner. I ran the combo for about three months, and thought it sounded good, Until I was literally stunned once I replaced the tube amps with a more powerfull Anthem PVA 2 amp.

I don't have the 3.6's... I have an earlier 6x2 foot model, but can say for certain, mine need power to reach there potential.

I would imagine mine would sound even better with a more powerfull amp.

I run an 845 SET (Art Audio Carissa Sig) with my 3.6's at times. With certain music and certain volumes, this is a very musical combination.

Like Duke mentioned, if you keep it within the amps comfort range, I think you will be in for a pleasant surprise.