SET update

Hi all, My tube journey starts with the Melody sp7 integrated amp.I went with this amp because it was cheep and in my neighborhood,no shipping involved.I listened for several hours last night, and now understand tube mania.This amp has rendered all my systems useless . My NAD 314's ,my Emotiva,my Adcom,my 1060,1070 ect... The only solid state amp I own that can hold up is a Marantz model 18.I suppose I will be lugging all my speakers into the "small room". The Tekton 4.1's are doing it for now.I am running my turntable through the NAD 314 tape out as a phono amp.Next will be something to pair with the Maggies( MG 2a's) and the AR sp9 mk3.For those of you contemplating tubes, go for it.The sucker does get hot.Good thing I have worked in a bakery.Peace .
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Your thead is titled SET update, are you referring to the Melody amplifier?
This amp is a push pull class AB design using the el 34 tubes. Congratulations on the amplifier and it has impressed you very much already. You'll have many enjoyable hours of listening to your music.
Welcome to the world of tubes!Enjoy!