Set up on the Mapleknoll Turntable

Does anyone know or have info on the gentleman in Wynnewood, Pa. that can set up these turntables? Does anyone have factory info on set up for these tables. Is their a Mapleknoll club or care group?
If you search the web under "Maplenoll" you will find some people who are modding and tweaking these TT's.

As with any air bearing TT/arm, having it perfectly level is of paramount importance. Also there are issues about moisture in the air lines. It has always been known as a great sounding TT, if, you can keep it working. Enid Lumley did alot of experimenting and improving of the Maplenoll, and her info is around on the web. There was some changes to the air plenum under the platter, and 6 orifices drilled, instead of 3, for better platter stability. Heavier platters were also used. The main thing with a standard Maplenoll, is to get the correct dividing of the air pressure between the arm and the platter.Many have alot of trouble with this, and I don't know how to do it, because I've never owned a Maplenoll. But I have heard alot of stories about what a pain in the ass they are.
Try contacting Lloyd Walker at:610-666=6087.He was originally involved with that company before it folded.I know he has provided new platters and mods to owners of these tables.Good luck!